There are so many special things we could tell you about some of our longtime residents. But then we thought...

Why not let them tell you themselves?

Would you like to sponsor one of the shelter's permanent residents? These are kitties who, due to age, health, or behavioral issues, are unlikely to be adopted and so have a lifelong home at Ce-Ce & Friends. Your monthly donation of any amount will help give them the care they deserve. Sponsors receive photos and regular updates on the kitties whose lives they are touching.

You may sponsor a permanent resident at the shelter by mailing a check (made payable to Ce-Ce & Friends), along with a note indicating which cat you'd like to sponsor, to:

Ce-Ce & Friends Humane Society
PO Box 690005
Quincy, MA 02269

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Adult male, domestic shorthair, orange tabby with some white
Hey, everybody, I'm Butterscotch.
A little of my story...
I am a shy but sweet kitty who has spent most of my life at Ce-Ce & Friends. I was once on the streets, and I know enough about life as a stray to know that I want to be an INDOOR CAT for good!!

I'm a calm and easygoing fellow who really feels most comfortable hanging out with a bunch of my cat buddies. I LOVE other cats! I have many feline friends here at the shelter and I always make the new kitties feel welcome.

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Adult male, domestic shorthair, all white with a few touches of gray
Hi there. I'm Ricky. Nice to meet you.
A little of my story...
I'm what the people at Ce-Ce & Friends like to call "one of their greatest success stories". When I first came here, I had been trapped as a feral, which meant I wasn't used to people at all. In fact, I was absolutely terrified of them! I was also scared of the other cats here. I was used to my colony and it was so strange to see all of these new cat faces peering curiously at me. I hid in corners and scurried away desperately whenever anyone came near.

However, gradually, I became more and more comfortable at Ce-Ce & Friends. I began to realize that people wanted to help me, not hurt me, and I wanted so badly to make friends with the cats. And you know what, I made friends with both the people AND the cats here! Now you can find me sprawled comfortably in a pile of cats in the sunlight, and I love being gently stroked and patted by my human friends. To quote that commercial, "I've come a long way, baby!"

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