Meet Kittie

Have you ever heard of a "one-person cat" - a kitty so loyal to her human that she'd follow him or her to the ends of the earth? That's me, Kittie. My story is bittersweet but I am hoping hard for a happy ending.

I am a gorgeous, golden-eyed tuxedo spayed female who belonged to an older woman I loved very much. After she passed away, I was taken in by a kind 93-year-old man. Sadly, he, too, had to say goodbye to me when he entered a nursing home, and I am heartbroken.

I am a gentle lap cat with the most endearing spirit. I am so looking for my forever person - I would love to keep a lonely human company, and I swear I'll be the truest friend you've ever had.

Please come meet me today: call the shelter at 781-331-6115.

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