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Majora's Mask Bottles

Throughout Majora's Mask you will find that bottles prove to be very useful. They can be used for necessary items in the actual plot, or to help you with potions and fairies. There are a total of six bottles in Majora's Mask which is a great help. Here's a guide on how to get all six(in no particular order):

1st Bottle: This bottle is obtained fairly easily by going through the plot. In order to go on the boat cruise you have to save one of the sisters from the potion shop. You will find her in the woods near the potion shop. She will ask if you have anything to help her because she was hurt by skull kid. Go to the potion shop and if you talk to the other sister she will give you a bottle with a red potion. You get to keep this bottle.

2nd Bottle: To get this bottle you have to save the ranch from aliens(it sounds strange, but yes). Talk to Romani (younger ranch girl)on the first day. She will let you help her with the aliens. You do a quick practice and promise to meet her at 2:30. Then you have to guard the barn from aliens from 2:30 to 6:00. If you succeed, she will give you a bottle with milk.

3rd Bottle: This is a long subplot that involves a young boy named Kafei, and Anju, the Inn worker. First you have to get Kafei's mask from the mayor's wife, talk to her and she will assign you as a "professional" to find Kafei. Next show Kafei's mask to Anju the Inn keeper after 3 on the first day(or whenever the postman leaves after talking to Anju). She will tell you to meet her in the kitchen at 11:30(You will be kicked out at 8:30 so fly back up to the alternate door using the deku flower). Talk to her at 11:30 in the kitchen and she will give you a letter. Deliver it into a mailbox in the morning. Then in the afternoon around 3 you will be able to enter Kafei's house inside the laundry pool. Talk to Kafei and he will tell you to deliver a pendant to Anju. After you give Anju the pendant, go back to Kafei's house around 1pm on the Final Day and you can talk to the curiosity shop guy. He will give you a "Special Delivery To Mama" item. Give this to Madame Dutour in the Milk bar on the final day around 6-10pm. She will give you a bottle of Chateau Romani. Wow, that was long.

4th Bottle: After you defeat the boss of the Snowhead Temple, spring will come to the mountains. Next, blow up the boulder outside of the Goron racetrack with a powder keg(talk to the Powder Keg Shop Goron near the Goron Shrine). The Goron elder's son will ask you to enter the race and do so. If you win, you will recieve a bottle with goldust.

5th Bottle: This one is fairly simple, find the beavers home on the shore near Zora Hall. It is in an alcove with a waterfall. You will have to hookshot up(scarecrows song is helpful) to reach the top and ultimately the beaver's home. You must beat both of the beavers in an underwater race as Zora Link. They will give you a bottle.

6th Bottle: This bottle is found underneath the graveyard. You have to have the captains hat to do this. First, talk to the skeletons on the first night and they will bash the grave with the song of storms underneath. On the second night, they move to another grave, so you command them to bash that one. On the final night, they will move to another grave, tell them to bash that one. Then go into the hole. Dampe the gravekeeper will be there and he will ask you to help him search for the Royal Family's Treasure. You guide him with Tatl the fairy's light. The easiest way to make him follow you is to lock onto him and walk backwards in the direction you want to go. Anyway, when you reach a sandy spot, tell him to dig. once you uncover the 3 blue fire thingys, they will combined to one. Dampe will run away and a treasure cheat will appear. Inside will be the last bottle.

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