I decided to copy Dayna's idea of a memories page because it's a rather good idea. So, here are my memories from 7th-9th grade. (ORR and FA)

7th Grade (ORRJHS):
Mr.Kocur making fun of Mr. Dunlavy and his squeege-ing of the blackboard.
Survival w/ Mr.Gallager, Ms.Turcotte and Mr.Dean and watching Mike and Couto do their nifty rap "Ding dong dang, I want my lobster sandwich".
Study skills w/ Mr.Gallager. That class had absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
Spanish w/ Mrs.Tilly. I took tests with the information laying face up on the floor and if you needed help, she would do the problem for you.
Mr.Brin running across our desks.
Band and harassing Mr. Farmer: Oh, the antics!
Carbone and Reagan pretending to be the Backstreet Boys.
Washington, D.C. and having no money.
Soccer w/ Melanie C.
Band w/ Melanie and Amy: stop poking me!
Amy's b-day party w/ her lesbian dog (um...nm)
Falling asleep in Dunlavy's class and still getting A's.
Mr.Dunlavy's grading system: "He probably throws our papers down the stairs and whoever lands on top gets an A."
Dislocating my kneecap in soccer.
Getting my braces off.
Going out w/ Jogren.
Going out w/ McFee.
Me trying to teach Melanie's parrot to say "dumbass".
Amanda being in love w/ Pittsley and only going out with him for one day.
Leah and John going out.
Canobie Lake Park: Hanging out w/ Dayna after we got sorta sick on the "Turkish Twist".
Mr.Johnson's homeroom w/ Justin and Sean.

8th Grade (ORRJHS):
Algebra class w/ Pete: "It's happy bubble fun hour!"
Watching Pete get in trouble w/ Farmer: "Pete!", "Shut up, Pete!", "Pete, will you just go away?"
Joinging jazz band and laughing @ Trevor w/ Dayna.
The 2nd jazz band bus trip: Dayna you know what I'm talking about. ::shudders::
Poking "Little One" w/ Dayna.
Listening to the jazz band's version of "Nirvana" before Farmer came in.
Harassing Farmer w/ Dayna in band.
Harassing Farmer w/ Dayna in jazz band.
On Jazz Night when Little One got kicked out for eating skittles while playing his trumpet.
Being Toto in the play and then having my friends bark at me for a month after.
ROCKS!!! heheehe.
Jane's multi-colored hair.
Throwing french fries @ Mike B.
Going out w/ Leigh (ew).
Going out w/ Leigh's friend, Brandon (hehehehe....cruel).
Skipping gym w/ Chelsea to go see Leigh (blah).
gym class w/ Lauren and Dayna.
Ryan McGrath giving me a daily glimpse of his boxers.
Crhis May melting electrocuting a styrafoam cutter.
Being "AWOL" at team time. Even I don't know where I was.
Laughing @ Grondski's girth w/ Danielle and Dayna.
Pandas eat bamboo! I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty. Look at this: pretty, pretty dancing!
Having Pete throw Bobby at while I was going through my locker.
Bobby's mashed potatoes with nothing on them.
Making my chicken nuggets dance and having Dayna spit juice across the table.
Giggling at Steve's dance during the talent show w/ Dayna.
"Tree-turdy": The guide on the bus in Canadia.
Meeting Steve in Canadia.
Being in a fight w/ Dayna in Canadia and having to share a room w/ her @ the same time.
Randomly taking pictures of Canadian telephone poles.
Me hating Mrs.Sylva w/ a passion.
Jazz night: Sitting next to Gregory Charles. "But my music isnt' that wrinkly?" "Don't you ever talk?"
Mr. Dunlavy dropping the T.V.
Having Kevin Halligan as my lab partner: "Dude, it's not that difficult to submerge test tubes!!"
Mr. Carbone signing my yearbook: "Zil: You're a great kid. I'll miss you." Now, would someone please explain how he drew the "Z" backwards? Is he dyslexic? I think he is.
9th Grade (FA):
Going to a new school.
Marielle rapping every song by Nelly going to our locker.
Marielle organizing the locker for me.
Marielle driving me nuts.
Sarah acting like a fruitcake.
Sarah stealing Jim's jacket: "I'm wearing Jimmy's jacket!!"
Filling Jim's jacket with rocks.
Hanging out in P-Town with Megan: "Please, tell me that girl didn't look like a man." "He didn't look like a man." "Oh, help me."
GERMANY!! lol. (bier, beer: however you say it, we still drank it.)
Rueben Martini in Germany. That is the coolest name ever.
The 8th graders playing Twister in their locker area.
Spirit week when the sophomores dipped Mr. Jone's head in red paint and drew with his head. "ALL HAIL THE RED MAN GROUP!"
Some seniors dressed as The Clash on clash day. "Guys, I think you missed the point."
Alan Madin: "Liz, how come you made me look like a french whore?" "Shut up and sit back so I can do your make-up, Frenchy."
Meeting Mike: "Tell me more about me!" "Go away, Mike." "Hugs for the whales! Hug?" "Go away, Mike."
The Horny Tree (thank you, Sarah)
Sarah leaving her dental records on my yearbook.
The goodly story! And part II of the goodly story!
One word: LizPigs
Tater tots, cheese, celery and Asparagus man man man man!
The seniors doing a rendition of The Nutcracker Suite (yes, the ballet).
Mr. Swanbeck: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch...
Aiana....oh geez.
Changing shirts with Erica, Hayley, Sarah and Aiana. In a tree. In traffic. 5 times.
My birthday: Sarah in leopard pants and a spider-web cape; Hayley, Sarah and Erica playing Leap Frog in my bedroom.
My BIG mistake with Jason.
Meeting Gregory Charles properly.
Meeting Benny Ben Ben BENITO! lol.
The earth science trip: Making fun of Tristan and Ali [enter bad porn music here].
Knee surgery.
Mr. See's english class: Jumping Joey, the English techies, and Marielle dissing Sean with the english vocab.
All the gay announcements during our Romeo & Shakespeare section in English.
Drew: "I am commie man, swimming through the ocean to the Cuban land. I think Castro's great, sitting in the corner while I masturbate."
Playing hacky sack with someone's sock in our locker area.
Sean directing traffic in our locker area.
Evan Dalton being Evan.
Recycling Francis at a dance.
Fitts burning down part of the woods.
The Mat-Whore Fort in gym.
Phoebe and Karl drunk in Germany: "You guys are funny drunks!"
Recycling Alex.
Piggy-back rides from Bob.
Being molested by Bob: "Oooh, fishnets!" "Rub my head for good luck. Ok, now rub the other one."
The marsh: "Haha, it looks like Nik has a sock in his wetsuit." "You're just jealous cuz I'm well-developed." "Dude, I'm a girl. How can I be jealous of that?" "Stop making fun of me!"
Nik in algebra: "That's a big, violin." "Nik, that's a cello."
Drew in science after Mr. Conzett was talking about lutefisk (a Norwegian fish meal): "Dude, do they have tastebuds in Norwegia?" "That's NORWAY, Drew."
Mr. Conzett making fun of Drew: "Well, you know.." "No, I don't know." "But, you know..?" "No, Drew. I don't know. That's what I'm trying to tell you!" "Um..well, you know.." "Stop saying, 'you know'!!"
When the guy who founded Circus Smirkus came to our school and the seniors performed circus tricks.