Ok, I finally fixed this section. It took me all summer to get around to it, but I did it. And do I get any gratitude? NO!! DAMN YOU ALL!!! I just want to be loved! WHY CAN'T I BE LOVED?! ::runs away, crying::

Friends'sites- Links to my friend's sites. Funny quizzes, funny projects, funny funny.

Proven Ways to Prevent Sex-'s natural birthcontrol. Pretty funny, as per usual.

Turn off the internet!- Don't you wish you could just make the internet turn off? Well, then do what the old Nike commercials say and "Just do it!" (did I really just say that? Oh geez..) EXTREMELY funny games and random funny stuff. Meant for those who are addicted to the WoT series. You know who you are! Raise a disgustingly cute pet and be generally retarded. Bored? Go here. Still bored? Then go here.