Friends' Sites

Here are some links to my friends' sites.

The Beach- An extremely retarded/funny site created by JoJoTra (Erica) and Kwalhawk (Hayley).

Princess Dayna- Dayna's crappy site.

Phruitcake- Phoebe's website. It's new and sorta crappy, but kinda cool if you like FFVIII.

Dance in the Dark- One of the Captain Admrail's stupid sites.

The Moistest Place on Earth- Another Captain Admrail site.

Captain Admrail- "Captain Admrail: Stroke stroke stroke!" "First Mate Hayley: Captain pull up your pants!" Ummm...yeah.

GoblinLOrd- Greg's site. Go here if you like Starcraft.

GoblinLOrd's Music- A site filled with music written by GL (Greg) himself.

Hayley'sIsland- "As aforementioned, we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. You might simply say that I've let my mind wander, and it hasn't come back(if you see it, please send it back, preferably wrapped in that fun bubbly poppy stuff)."

The Valley of the Cute Little Fuzzy Bunnies- "Suffice it to say that if you don't like pink, you should see this site."

Zippythecorndog- Blake's strange site. Warning: This kid even frightens me!

Synnerz69's Site- Tyler's site (someone so cool, I regret not knowing him personally!). Totally evil and sick. Needless to say, it's a plus on my list!!