Welcome to the all new Generation LIZPIG!! Hello. I'm Liz. And These are my pigs. NOT JUST ANY PIGS, but LIZPIGS! ::Liz has a spaz fit:: OK, thank you Erica. Oh yah, Erica is the dip who helped me make this site because I'm incompetant and I don't know how to use HTML. The background of these pigs are extremely disturbing: we first grabbed live pigs and dumped them in a vat of carcenogenic jello. Ok well no, but that's not too far off. We were sitting at the computer when Erica had a spaz and starting taking pictures of me. After uploading them, we decided to mess around with them and make them into prettyful shapes; that's where the pig came in. A bad picture of me was soon morphed into the shape of a swine and Erica, being Erica, screamed, "LIZPIG!" We giggled and giggled and soon "GENERATION LIZPIG" came into being. Now LIZPIGS will rule the world, you will cower in your imaginary corners and we will laugh our sheep-loving butts off. This site offers to you, our pig-worshipping audience, a plethera of LIZPIGS. You may go through our site, but do us a favor, when the LIZPIGS take over the world, hide your ankles or you will be sorry. Let's just leave it at that.

oh yes, COMING SOON: LIZPIG PARAPHENALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ::Liz rides off into the sunset, cackling evily.. and screams "OUCH!!" as she hits the wall which has mysteriously appeared in front of her.. Erica looks away, humming innocently:: STUPID ERICA! OW! ::Erica grins sheepishly::

PS: Hey look.. This is what happens when you give Liz a webpage.. ::grins:: Scary, no?