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On the holy mountain is his city cherished by the Lord. The Lord prefers the gates of Zion to all Jacob's dwellings. Of you are told glorious things, O city of God! "Babylon and Egypt I will count among those who know me; Philistia, Tyre, Ethiopia, these will be her children and Zion shall be called 'Mother' for all shall be her children"
It is he, the Lord Most High, who gives each his place. In his register of peoples he writes: "These are her children," and whil they dance they will sing: "In you all find their home."

Psalm-prayer (Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II, p. 1441)
Lord God, your only Son wept over ancient jerusalem, soon to be destroyed for its lack of faith. he established the new Jerusalem firmly upon rock and made it the mother of the faithful. Make us rejoice in your Church, and grant that all people may be reborn into the freedom of your Spirit.

City of God, you are the source of our life, with music and dance we shall rejoice in you, allulia.