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The Mother of God Chapter has been nurtured and blessed with Dominican Spirituality expressed by our beloved Dominican Friars/Preachers and Nuns over the past 50 years. We have been with the finest wheat and are most grateful to God and Our Blessed Lady for such special blessings.

Religious Promoters

10/1/50 Rev. Thomas McBrien, O.P. (d. 9/88)
1951-1957 Rev. Henry Gallagher, O.P.
1957-1960 Rev. John Skalko, O.P. (d. 7/00)
1960-1963 Rev. Michael Jelly, O.P. (d. 4/00)
1963-1965 Rev. William C. Dettling, O.P.
1966-1967 Rev. John S. Peterson, O.P.
1967-1968 Rev. Irving Georges, O.P. (d. 3/69)
1968-1971 Rev. James T. Sullivan, O.P. (d. 6/01)
1971-1975 Rev. Reginald Haller, O.P.
1975-1980 Rev. Bernard Confer, O.P.
1981-1982 Rev. John Rossi, O.P.
1982-1983 Rev. Philip Smith, O.P.
1983-1986 Rev. Francis Nealy, O.P. (d. 11/99)
1986-1988 Rev. Leonard Hindsley, O.P.
1988-1990 Rev. Luke Tancrell, O.P.
1990-1999 Rev. John T. Carrigan, O.P.
1999 - present Rev. Jacob Restrick, O.P.

Religious Promoters Profiles

Rev. Henry Gallagher, O.P. (1951-1957)

Our Chapter's first Spiritual Promoter--currently residing at Saint Stephen Priory, Dover, Massachusetts.

Photo taken May 22, 1955 - Profession Day. Photo taken on the grounds of the Dominican Nuns Monastery posing with our first Spiritual Promoter, Fr. Henry Gallagher, O.P. iS (left to right) Mrs. Grace Dillaber, Mary Jo McInnis (first Moderator/Prioress-1952-1955(. Standing on the other side of Fr. Gallagher is Stella Trench (Moderator/Prioress 1955-1958, Edna Sullivan (Moderator/Prioress 1958-1961), and Mary Mura.

1964 Newspaper clipping - Dominican Third Order Installs Officers

Father C. William Dettling, O.P., left, installed the new officers of Mother of God Chapter of the Third Order of St. Dominic at services held last Sunday afternoon in the Dominican Monastery, West Springfield. Also during the ceremony three persons professed as tertiaries and five others were received into the Third Order. With Father Dettling are mrs. William Hubert, Mrs. Stanley Stefanik and Mrs. Laurence Lambert.

This photo taken September 1965 at the Channel 22 TV station after celebrating Mass on the "Chalice of Salvation" founded/established by Fr. Fidelis Rice, CP (standing on Fr. Dettling's right). Standing in front of cross, Fr. Dettling, O.P., First row (left to right): Margaret Lavigne, Rena Kennedy, Loretta Wilmes, Jeanne Bail, Noella Leclair, Mary ann Stevens. Second row (left to right): Unidentified (?Sterart), Fr. Fidelis rice, C.P., FR. William C. Dettling, O.P., unidentified passionist Father, Henry Mura (Lay Tertiary).
Rev. Frederick Michael Jelly, O.P. (1960-1963)
Born: June 20, 1927
Profession: September 18, 1950, Ordination: June 8, 1956, Died: April 14, 2000.

Rev. William C. Dettling, O.P. (1963-1965)


Rev. Bernard Confer, O.P. (1975-1980)

Rev. Philip Smith, O.P. (1982 - 1983)

Rev. Francis Dominic Nealy, O.P. (1983-1986)

Born: November 16, 1911, Profession: August 16, 1933, Ordination: May 17, 1939, Died: November 12, 1999.

Rev. Leonard Hindsley, O.P. (1986 - 1988)

Rev. Luke Tancrell, O.P. (1988 - 1990)

Rev. John T. Carrigan, O.P. (1990-1999)

Rev. Jacob Restrick, O.P. (1999 - present)