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Our Dominican brothers and their heroic genrosity and adventure all for the love of God to preach His Word for the salvation of others. The Dominican women who joined them with equal strength, dynamic faith, and a brilliant charity, brought about miracles of grace in the most challenging of circumstances. The silent nuns from the cloister in Los Angeles who established a cloistered monastery in Karachi formed the backbone of the efforts made by all branches of the Order. The Lay Dominican volunteers contributed to the preaching of the Word with integrity. Indeed, all branches of the Order were essential to this preaching mission." (p.3) Bishop Boland handed out several booklets titled, "American Dominicans in Pakistan". This booklet is published by the "Dominican Province of St. Joseph, NY, NY 1997. (If you wish to learn more about "American Dominicans in Pakistan", the Dominican Vocation Office may have these booklets available for distribution (Vocation Director, Dominican Province of St. Joseph, 869 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021-6680 or send an email to "Fr. Ken Sicard .O.P" .