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The Second Vatican Council in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (art 13) directs that popular devotions be in some fashion derived from the Sacred Liturgy and lead back to the Liturgy. since the Liturgy is so Scriptural it would seem that popular devotions should also incorporate Scripture more abundantly into their exercises. This booklet is an attempt to provide some liturgical orientation to the Stations of the Cross. I am most grateful to the members of the camden Diocesan Liturgical Commission, and especially to William Barnett, S.S.I. and James I. Ronan, S.S.L., for their assistance in the preparation of this booklet.
A "fifteenth station" of the Resurrection is added, since the Passion of Christ is meaningless unless the Resurrection is kept in mind. Passion, Death, and Resurrection is the new Passover, from the death of sin to the life of freedom in love. this "fifteenth station" should be done before the Resurrected Christ in the tabernacle.
A plenary indugence may be gained by praying the Stations of the Cross. No further prayers are required. If, for some reasonable cause, the Stations are interrupted, a partial indulgence may be gained for each Station.
The basis for Scripture used is the Confraternity - Douay version.
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