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Holyoke Community College
Medical Coding Certificate Program

B.A. Cum Laude
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA

Profession Experience

Cooley Dickinson Hospital
30 Locust Street
Northampton, MA
EKG Technician

Operated equipment that measures, monitors and graphically traces the electrical activity of the heart, obtain information for EKG records connect electrodes to leads from the EKG machine, conduct the electrocardiogram, transcribed doctor's reports, filing.

Medical Coding

Analyze reports from Emergency Department, extract pertinent information to correctly code final diagnoses, injuries, and procedures according to ICD-9-CM and CPT code books. Entered codes in computer data base.
V.A. Medical Center
421 North Main Street
Leeds, MA

Medical Secretary

Organized and collated medical records upon admission, transfer, and discharge. Reviewed and analyzed contents of medical record for completeness. Scheduled appointments for dental and lab work. Typed medications on cards for 80 patients daily. Attended mandatory monthly meetings and on-going training workshops.

University of Massachusetts
Undergraduate Registrar's Office
Amherst, MA


Typing, filing, transcribing, answer telephone, update forms, word processing, used various computer programs, student database, maintain Administrative and student files.

Public Service

Notary Public - My Commission Expires June 14, 2007.

References furnished upon request.