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Georgina has been Pastoral Minister at Our Lady of the Annunciation Church, Florence, Massachusetts, U.S.A. since November 1998. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts; lay member of Benedictine community; taught at UMass for 25 years. Bachelor's degree of College of St. Elizabeth, New Jersey, Master of Arts Degree in environmental Psychology from Fordham University, New York, Doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, lay ministry formation program, Diocese of Springfield. Favorite Color: "It's hard to pick a favorite...anything in the blue family. My favorite summer colors are bright yeellow and bright orange together." Hobby: Painting, 'mostly seascapes, some landscapes," does pencil sketches of beaches on the North Shore and does color work-ups at home in Florence. Favorite Scripture Passage: - "I have so many favorites, but the present one is Luke 12:49": "Jesus said, 'I came to bring fire to the earth'" because "fire changes anything it touches and to follow Jesus is to be constantly hoping for great change." About Pastoral Ministry: The most rewarding aspect is "the sense at the present time that I am doing what the Lord is asking...It adds to the intimacy of our relationship." On conducting ministry for the divorced and separated, and for the bereave: "I am amazed by how many people have made the program possible," especially Father Roy duquette, pastor of Our Lady of the Annunciation. "He was so open to the Holy Spirit....He just let it all happen."
Reprinted from "The Catholic Observer", August 13, 1999, p. 12.