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The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross is a devotion in which we accompany, in spirit, our Blessed Lord in His sorrowful journey to Calvary, and devoutly mediate on His sufferings and death.

The First Station Jesus is condemned to death.

Dear Jesus, help me to sin no more and to be very obedient.

The Second Station Jesus bears His cross.

Dear Jesus, let me suffer for sinners in union with You.

The Third Station Jesus falls the first time.

Dear Jesus, help those who sin to rise and to be truly sorry..

The Fourth Station Jesus meets His Mother.

Dear Jesus, may your Mother consolde me and all who are sad.

The Fifth Station Jesus is helped by Simon.

Dear Jesus, may I do all things to please You all day long.

The Sixth Station Veronica wipes His Face.

Dear Jesus, give me courage and generosity to help others.

The Seventh Station Jesus falls a second time.

Dear Jesus, teach us to be sorry for all our many sins.

The Eighth Station Jesus bears His cross.

Dear Jesus, let me suffer for sinners in union with You.

The Ninth Station Jesus falls a third time.

Dear Jesus, show me how to be obedient and to be very kind.

The Tenth Station Jesus is stripped of His Garments.

Dear Jesus, teach me to be pure in thought, word and deed.

The Eleventh Station Jesus is Nailed to the Cross.

Dear Jesus, keep me close to You from this moment until I die.

The Twelveth Station Jesus Dies on the Cross.

Dear Jesus, be with me when I die and take me to heaven.

The Thirteen Station Jesus is Taken from the Cross.

Dear Jesus, teach me to place all my trust in Your holy love.

The Fourteenth Station Jesus is laid in the Tomb.

Dear Jesus, help me to keep the commandments You have given. Strengthen my will to live for You on earth and bring me to eternal bliss in heaven.

Postcard photos are compliments of Romeo Cote, Third Order Dominican, Mother of God Chapter, West Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.