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V4Power Readers Rides

Matt's Magna

Owner=Matt Flanagan
From=Long Island, NY
My bike is an '85 VF700c with 19,000 miles on it. I have done no mods on it, but the previous owner wanted to turn it into a Harley and put Harley turn signals front and rear on it, as well as Harley running lights, and studded passenger seat and backrest. It has a National Cycle deflector shield which works pretty well to buffer the wind and is small enough to see over. I don't want to bore you so I'll leave it at that.

Robert's 83 V65 Magna

Owner=Robert Cluff
Model=V65 Magna
Color=Dark Blue
Bought from original owner with 7700 miles in Seattle WA last year. My 62 year old Father flew up and drove it to Phoenix AZ for me putting 1800 miles on the way home. Rode about 90mph all the way home and is now selling his bike and wants a show-room red 86 V65 Magna. (please email me if you have or know of one for sale) The bike has 11,000 on it now and I have Metzlers front and back. It has the FOIL cable that works, tool kit, Honda-line sissy/zipper-pouch/6-pack rack. The color is Dark Blue, so dark it looks black. I had a 82 V45 Magna and bought the V65 without ever even ridding one. I would also like a showroom 83 V65 Magna that has the original dark purple factory paint.

Scream Dream

Owner: Trent Taylor
Year: 1985
Model: V65 Magna
The color is Pearl Vintage Red (wineberry).I found it on the internet from a dealer in North Carolina in May 1999. I'm the second owner.The bike had 8528 miles on it when I bought it. It now just turned 10,300.It is all stock, no major mods yet.I replaced the "baloney skin" tires that were on it originally with Dunlop Qualifiers and have had the carbs cleaned and all the fluids changed. This is my second Magna.My first was super clean Red 1985 V45 Magna that I bought in 1991. I sold it in late 1992 soon after having our first child.I'm happy to be back on a Magna!

Readers Rides
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