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Rules and Regulations

Conduct- A member must always behave in accordance to the conduct code of whatever unit she is travelling with. You must never do anything to embarrass or dishonor any other unit, because this reflects badly on them for choosing you as a guest, and reflects badly on our group as well, for not taking note of bad behavior from the outset. Any instance of improper behavior, ill conduct, theft or destruction of another Living Historian's property will result in immediate dismissal from the group. There are no second chances, at least not without a really good excuse. (I.e.: self-defense.)

Uniform- Whatever impression you decide to do, you must do well. Research it!!! That is what we are here for- to help you research what you want to be! We will not only help you find what you are looking for, we will help you find it at the best prices, because most of us are excellent bargain hunters! Please do not mix and match your uniform; it does not reflect well on Paper Dolls, and we strive to be the best female Living Historians. If you can't find something, tell us! The yahoo! group is a great resource to share information and ask questions. There is no excuse for modern looking anything when period-looking everything is readily available for most impressions. We know this all sounds harsh, but we do strive to be the best. We prefer that you do NOT do the impression of a man, because we are trying to be ladies, here, but exceptions have been made if the impression is exceptional.

If you have access to something that other members don't have, like a really great second-hand store or militaria contact, or even a great fabric store, let us know. Sharing contacts and information makes us all better at what we do.

Still want to be a member? Great! Annual dues are a whopping $5, to cover costs of periodic mailing during the year, and you can pay that anytime.

Contact Kate to Join