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Where to find period items and reproductions a

The Duffle Bag

Reconstructing History The Mecca of awesomely reproduced patterns for several time periods, as well as THE place to get a civilian hat for your man!

What Price Glory? You can get WAAF, WAC and Army Nurse repros here! (not to mention the British military pajamas we favor)

Jas.Townsend & Son Inc. because we do more than just WWII!

WWII Impressions - WAC and Nurse repro uniforms - HBT's and Class A's

At The Front

The WWII Soldier's store on Ebay


Essential Supplies and Resources

Besame Cosmetics For the most beautiful faces on the planet! Their vintage lipsticks are to DIE for!/font>.. 1940's fashion, history, music and more!

Where can I find clothes like that?

Where can I get stockings?

This book is a must!!! (hairstyles!!!)

Aileen's recommended reading list

WWII recommended reading for women's impressions

The Vermont Country Store For hair rats, Tangee lipstick, "Evening in Paris" cologne and other "new" old products that everyone thought no longer existed..

The Sportsmans GuideReproduction B-3 jackets, A-2 Jackets, German Uniforms, Original WWII British militaria, other US and European Surplus. Search for Army, military or wwii for best results. Note: not all units approve of some of their post wwii "but just like the real thing" equipment

Our Friends and Supporters


Irish Guards

US Military Women Historical Impressions

Irish Guards/WWII British Reenactors Site

78th Infantry Division

7th Bn. Black Watch

601 Squadron RAF

305 Squadron Polish RAF

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion HQ Company

5th Guards Brigade (UK)

45th Infantry Division

Welsh Guards

29th Division


44th Infantry Division

101st Airborne, 506 PIR

6th Cavalry Group Troop A

33rd Signal Construction Battalion Reenactors

193rd Rifles


SS/Pz.Gren.Regt.3, "DEUTSCHLAND"

3rd Panzer Grenadiers

9th SS-Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen"

1/Feldgendarmerie Abt.541



Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association

WWII Living History Guild 10th SS Frundsberg


Other friends

Stephan Jacobs- photographer

Living History Portraits Mike does nice work

Women in WWII

A few of our heroes

WASPs on the web

WAVES National website- HERstory

Rosie the Riveter and her descendants

Kate's grandmother (WWII RAF Barrage Balloon Crew)

Dorothy Wain Thompson(General Doolittle's secretary, 8th Air Force)

Our Favorite Events

Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA- The Battle of the Bulge

Reading, PA WWII Weekend


The Paper Dolls Yahoo! Group -a message board to keep up with us!

This is the words and music to "Paper Doll"!


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