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Misi playing: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Real Name: Nefertina "Nefer"

Age: 24

Origin: Memphis

Occupation: Charioteer

Known Relatives: Father

Patron deity or deities: Bastet

Animal sign: Cat

Color: Black & Red

Weapons: Whip, Vehicles, and her armour has razor sharp claws on her hands and feet.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Alive-Black, Mummy-White

Height: 5'9

Weight: 126lbs

Template: Presley's guardian

Other Distinquishing features:

Only guardian to have have hair. In her armour, the left cat ear on her helmet has a looped earring

Special abilities or talents:

Superb agility and battle skills. Terrific dancer and musician. If it has wheels, chances are, she can drive it. Has mechanical knowhow...can also help out wiht fixing the horseless chariots.


well, in ancient Egypt, Nefertina was raised by her father, and more than anything wanted to drive chariots. But, women were not allowed to drive back then. So, she disguised herself as a boy and went by the name Nefer. During a race for Royal charioteer, Nefer won the race and came face to face with her father, who did not recognize her. He claimed that he wished he had a son just like Nefer, which Nefertina misunderstood as he was ashamed to have a daughter. Amenhotep called Nefer to be a guardian to Prince Rapses and teach him the arts of recreation. Pharaoh never knew Nefer was Nefertina. Only Rapses knew and he kept it a secret, as long as she would occassionally let him drive. She was his driver as well as guardian. She died during the battle for his life. Murdered by Scarab and his henchmen.

PRESENT DAY: Nefertina has now come out about being female. She has lost a little bit of respect for that but has made up for it by her efforts. She was quick to adapt to this new world and adores the need for speed of these Horseless chariots and the night life of dance clubs. She is Presley's forever playmate and loves to hear of fun things to do with him. Her interesting discovery was playing hacky sack with the boy, the confusion of Jakal. She will watch the "Magic Box" {Television} but prefers to get out and go. To this day, her relationship with the prince is superb, though Presley tends to get annoyed with her, in general, sometimes....but the two have one of the best relationships of the guardians. *Personality:

Very outgoing and outspoken. Shy around guys putting moves on her, but very non-shy when it comes to the party. Very energetic and athletic, she enjoys a wild and good time. She's overall friendly and sometimes a little too overtrusting.

Favorite pastime:

Driving, partying via dancing. Getting out and having a good time.

A Quote: " Why are you vaccuuming the cat?! They can clean THEMSELVES!"

Any other quirks or interesting facts:

Nefertina, though loving to drive, has a habit of getting into crashes a lot. And she's a speed demon. She also has a weak spot for the possibility of love. She is in love with Pep, who, she now knows, is actually the evil serpent god, Apep. She still loves him, but never lets his antics get in the way of her job for too long

How do they get along with other members of the established team?

Rath: Nefertina gets along alright with Rath, though she wishes he could get a grip. She finds him a little too stern and high and mighty sometimes. He is, however a good friend, and if it weren't for him, she'd have no cool vehicles to crash every other day.

Jakal: Nefertina respects Jakal as a leader and respects his deep affection for the prince. But, like her feelings for Rath, she wishes Jakal could loosen up and not take life so seriously.

Armon: She enjoys Armon's company. When Presley isn't around to amuse her, Armon is always up to go with her anywhere, so long as he's being fed. Nefertina doesn't always enjoy the brunt of bringing Armon, but he is perhaps the best male companion she has to go clubbing with.

Nefertina: Pretty well (lol)

Presley: Nefertina has a close bond with Presley. She is his playmate as far as the guardians go. She can look to him for advice, or just as someone to talk to who won't scold her, like Jakal, mock her, like Rath, say stupid things, like Armon, etc. She sees him as a good listener and she, in turn will listen to him. They share a very close brother-sister best friend sort of bond.

Khati: Khati, being a cat is very well respected by Nefertina. She adores Khati. However, she won't swoon over the sacred cat.