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Gum Drop Pony Stables' Stallions


Welcome to the stallions page!! Here is where our Grade-A stallions will be located on this traditional British farm.
(Henden Hannibal x Runnymede Beryl)
1999-1y/o gray Caspian stallion
Xerxes is a very rare breed that is trying valiantly to get a foothold in HB. He and Tabriz make up 2 of the 9 Caspians in the entire game. Xerxes was low level driving pony of the year in 01-1, intermediate driving pony of the year in 01-2, and advanced level driving pony of the year in both 01-3 and 01-4.
Points: 2554 Earnings: $3,181,000
+++~*Rockaround Twizzler
(GlanNant Tango x *Carolinas Tortishell [SolWay Master Bronze])
1998-1y/o gray Welsh [medium] stallion
Twizzler has had a lot of foals, and nearly every one is a champion. He has had several foals right here at GDPS, and I expect more. He is up for stud. Advanced and Overall PEOTY in 01-4. Advanced PEOTY in 02-3 as well. Eventing Reserve champion, Advanced Pony Champion, HPSPA Champion.
Points: 3692 Earnings: $4,159,000
Foals: Peppermint Kiss [Cameo Appearance], Rockaround Rainfall [Raindance], Cornerstone Black Licorice [Blacklight],
Rockaround Face Off [Blacklight], Rockaround the Clock [Cometwalk], Puddle of Mudd [Cloud], Twist N Shout, Silver Twizler, It Makes Me Ill, Lady Twizzler, Yora [all by Silver Bubbles],
+++****Imagine That
(**Dream Maker x ~Fancy That)
1998-4y/o chestnut Welsh [medium] stallion
Imagine is a very sweet stallion who is starting to make a name for himself. He is a good stallion with a bright future. Conformation Hunter Pony Champion, Open Working Hunter Reserve, Hunter Grand Champion, Advanced PHOTY 02-1, Overall PHOTY in 02-1; Advanced PHOTY, Overall PHOTY in 2002-2. This stallion is currently not up for stud.
Points: 3422 Earnings: $3,856,000
Green Medium Pony Champ and winner of the Green Pony Classic at first show!!!
Foals: Imagine Magic, Walk in the Clouds, Silverchair
(Viscount of White Field x Merledena)
1998-3y/o gray 14.2hh Highland Pony stallion
Amazed is a pony eventer. He is a calm, dependable stallion who is as strong as an ox when he's under saddle or in harness. He is awaiting the arrival of his fifth foal by Morning Light. Advanced PEOTY in 02-1, HPSPA reserve Champion, Eventing Grand Champion, Eventing Reserve Champion.
Points: 2884 Earnings: $3,845,000
++****Absolute Magic
(Magic Man x Absolute Vodka)
1999-1y/o bay 14.2hh Welsh stallion
Magic was just recently purchased from an auction. He and Starstruck are in the Pony Driving, and are very good, if I have any say. Advanced PDOTY 02-3.
Points: 2494 Earnings: $3,984,000

--pic on page--
+++**Rainbow Warrior
(For Love and War x Moonlight)
1999-1y/o bay extended blanket POA stallion
Warrior is one of the four POA studs in the game, and he will be bred to my three mares and some outside mares. He sires height, substance, color, and disposition. Warrior will add perfection to any breeding program. Limited breedings, book soon! Intermediate Pony Champion, Advanced Pony Eventer of the Year in 01-3. Check out his personal website for more pics.
Points: 3239 Earnings: $3,580,000
Stud Fee: $1,000
(Enter Sandman x PiperPru)
1999-1y/o dun 15hh Criollo stallion
Sand has a beautiful dun coat that feels like velvet. He performs well in both halter and western. In-Hand reserve champion.
Points: 2411 Earnings: $3,229,000
(Fly By Night x Be That Way)
1999-4y/o bay 15.3hh TB/Connemara stallion
A Fly By Night foal! Cavalier was purchased at auction, and as soon as I saw those lines I was in the bandwagon! His sire definitely left some of that spunk in Cal! Hunter reserve title and Show reserve title. Modified Jumper Pony Champion, Halter Grand Champion, Advanced PJOTY 02-1 and 02-2!
Points: 2520 Earnings: $2,861,000
(Dunedin Vatersay x Interdine [Innes of Innervack])
1999-4y/o dappled gray 13.2hh Highland stallion
Vatercola already has a nice chestnut colt out of the mare Crystal Quartz. Cola has been placed in pony eventing for a trial period as his training continues. He will be put to use as a stud as well. Champion title, HPSPA Champion, Training Pony Champion, Eventing Grand Champion.
Points: 2601 Earnings: $3,285,000
++Sabbath Storm
(Jehani x Tarimah)
1998-3y/o dapple gray Caspian stallion
Sabbath was purchased with Macy Gray to widen our Caspian gene pool. He is a fantastic pony driver. Novice Pony Driver of the Year 01-2, and Overall PDOTY as well in 01-2.
Points: 2038 Earnings: $2,860,000
+~****Woodland’s Special Trick
(Woodland’s Trick or Treat x Special Me)
1999-1y/o gray 14.2hh Welsh Pony stallion
Woodland’s Special Trick has been a polo pony since ponies were a rarity in it! This guy was the first pony to bravely pioneer the field of polo, and now he’s at GDPS! This stallion is a proven stud and would make a wonderful cross with just about any mare.
Points: 1918 Earnings: $2,340,000

+**Por Eso
(Por Aqui x Aquella)
2000-1y/o dun 14.1hh Criollo stallion
GDPS seriously needed some new Criollo blood, and this stallion, Noviembre, and Mujer Gaupa were just what we needed! Stallion Reserve Champion, Pony Barrel Racing Grand Champion.
Points: 1205 Earnings: $1,885,000

(Deciembre x Mayo)
1999-3y/o chestnut 14hh Criollo stallion
Chestnut is an extremely rare color for Criollos, and this guy is a valuable sire and showhorse. He competes mainly in polo but has also been trained in several other disciplines.
Points: 1436 Earnings: $2,538,000
+~****Unkept Secret
(Darkhorse Siydeh x Quarai Karma [Runnymede Karamat])
1998-4y/o bay 10hh Caspian stallion
Secret is being used as both a driving stallion and a stud. He didn't make it into the schedule this year, but next year he'll be super prepared. His first foal is due in 01-3 and he is anxiously waiting. His handler says that he is progressing in driving very well.
Points: 1911 Earnings: $2,116,000
~**Silverlea Robbie's Choice
(Silverlea Spotlight x Silverlea Pisces)
2000-2y/o bay 14hh New Forest stallion
Robbie is a pony jumper / halter stallion who has knocked more than a few mares off their feet! He is a well-conformed stud who just might be up to Mirage's standards in a few years! Novice and Overall PJOTY in 02-2.
Points: 789 Earnings: $970,000
++***Hurricane Floyd
(Dinky's Tornado x Lady's Fog)
1999-4y/o chestnut tobiano 13.1hh Chincoteague stallion
Floyd is one of the rarest breeds in the game, but is competing quite well at dressage! Prix St. Georges Pony Champion. He has had four foals; Tercel, Tell Me Why, This is Me, and Til The End. Champion title, Grand Prix Dressage Reserve Champion.
Points: 2315 Earnings: $3,288,000
~****Wally World
(Wall Street x Fairy Tale)
2000-4y/o buckskin 14.1hh Welsh stallion
Wally was a Christmas 2001 present. He has a nice color and the personality to match. Canary PHOTY in 02-1.
Points: 994 Earnings: $994,000

+Pipe Dream
(Dream Maker x Silver Bubbles)
2001-1y/o chestnut tobiano Welsh stallion
"Pipe Dream! Here, boy! Where is that darn colt? *Pipe's head appears from behind the stable* You sly, devious colt! You've got the devil in you!" This particular conversation was between the Irish groom Kelly McOster and Pipe Dream on a Sunday afternoon. Conversations like this are not uncommon with this colt, he's out to put a damper on everyone's plans for him! Pony Hunter Prospect Champion.
Points: 1002 Earnings: $1,280,000
+*Rainbow Junction
(Rainbow Warrior x Snap Crackle and Pop)
2001-1y/o bay extended blanket POA stalliont
Junction is in words the same color as his father, but indeed could also be called a few-spot semi-leopard. His color appears to be almost roan, and in time may turn roan. Junction is the supposed "bad boy", he needs no one and indeed has the entire colt and filly herds at his disposal. Everyone wants to be like Junction! Eventing Reserve Champion, Eventing Grand Champion, Novice PEOTY, Overall PEOTY 02-2.
Points: 1148 Earnings: $1,842,000
(Sabbath Storm x Macy Gray)
2001-1y/o chestnut Caspian stallion
Taillefer is named after a minstrel who rode by his master's side into battle. The colt Taillefer, with his glossy chestnut coat and opaque eyes, is certainly a looker and has all of his namesake's heart.
Points: 925 Earnings: $925,000

~***'57 T-Bird
(Por Eso x Torment de Reina)
2001-2y/o dun 14.2hh Criollo stallion
T-Bird is a big-boned, large colt, and therefore usually wins in the battles with Harris. However, Scarlet is always gone by that time, and his heartbroken cries can be heard from almost everywhere on the farm. Once we had to assure a visitor that we were indeed not harboring a pod of killer whales--his cries sound exactly like the ones of the whales in Free Willy.
Points: 889 Earnings: $889,000

(Pimiento x Annabelle)
2001-2y/o dun 14hh Criollo stallion
Harris and T-Bird get along surprisingly well for being two young colts of the same gender. The only time their rivalry flairs up its ugly head is when Scarlet, the little tease, starts cavorting close to them...then they have almost-serious fights to see who "gets" the filly. By the time they're finished, Scarlet is already on the totally opposite side, far from their saddened cries.
Points: 841 Earnings: $841,000
(Mi Benito Afortunado x La Dama Afortunata)
2001-2y/o bayo blanco Criollo stallion
What an exotic color! Star, though he has neither star nor any other markings, is a robust colt who will make a unique addition to our show string in a few years. His color, bayo blanco, means in Spanish “white bay”. PPOTY 2002-2!
Points: 654 Earnings: $654,000
~****Yankee Frost
(First Frost x Pretty Pretty Lights)
2001-2y/o gray extended blanket POA stallion
Yankee is a heartthrob, sure enough. Sunken Rainbow is smitten with this colt, and with the sale of Tattered, has him all to herself! Yankee is oblivious to most of her coy glances, but the grooms think that he finds her rather attractive, too! Eventing Grand Champion.
Points: 967 Earnings: $967,000

(Vatercola x Quartz Crystal)
2001-2y/o chestnut Highland stallion
Jasper, named after the gem also known as bloodstone, has inherited his mother's rare coloring and is wearing it with pride. He is quite the little devil. Canary PEOTY, Overall PEOTY in 02-3.
Points: 728 Earnings: $728,000
****Tell Me Why
(Hurricane Floyd x Lucky Number)
2001-2y/o bay tobiano Chincoteague stallion
Tell Me Why is a prized colt, and will be our junior breeding stallion when he is older. He has his father's lovely all-around nature and his dam's competitive streak. Watch out for this colt!
Points: 494 Earnings: $494,000
(Noviembre x Mi Carina)
2001-3y/o chestnut Criollo colt
Chestnut is an extremely rare color for Criollos, and Arundel is flaunting it. He knows he’s hot stuff, although if he were a dun, I think he would act the same. This guy and Star, our bayo blanco [cremello] colt are the flashiest Criollos on the farm. Arundel is a lovely representation of a Criollo and will be an excellent stud when he is older.
Points 413 Earnings: $413,000

****Gray Area
(Unkept Secret x Macy Gray)
2001-3y/o bay Caspian colt
Gray Area is a bay colt who is big for a Caspian. He has had a longstanding love affair with Thong and Dance since he first spotted her when he was ten hours old. The two were born three hours apart and while Thong appears to want nothing more than friendship, this guy is always trying to steal the show. Novice PDOTY, Overall PDOTY in 02-3.
Points: 400 Earnings: $400,000

~**Winter Morning
(Vatercola x Morning Light)
2001-3y/o dark gray Highland colt
Winter has an unmistakable personality. When a visitor walks through the foal pastures, he is the first to gallop up and investigate. His dam has more than her fair share of trouble keeping him at her side! Winter was the first to discover that skunks are bad and the last to realize that mama worried when he was gone. Novice PEOTY.
Points 783 Earnings: $783,000

~This Is Me
(Hurricane Floyd x Lucky Number)
2001-3y/o black tobiano Chincoteague colt
Floyd’s third foal, this little prince was the last born. He has grown into quite a nice boy with fantastic dressage movement.
Points 563 Earnings: $563,000