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pony hunter

Here is the Pony Hunter schedule for Hoof Prints!

1) Only ponies.
2) No complaining about results.
3) The height chart for ponies is:

under 12.3hh
13hh to 13.3hh
14hh to 14.2hh
4) Any pony breed can enter, except Minis. Minis have their own schedule. Some
of the acceptable breeds are Welsh, Caspian, POA, Highland, Haflinger, Criollo, etc.
5) Please enter like so:
Pony's Name:
6) There are three levels...novice, intermediate, and advanced. All horses automatically start out at
novice and work their way up. Your horse must has been an active hunter for at least one year
in order to advance.
7) Email all entries to, with "Pony Hunter" as the subject.
8) That's all! Any questions please email me. Entries are due by the 12th of the first month.