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Mission Statement


The Highland Project was started with the purchase of a two-year-old filly, Fourmerk Heavenly. Heavenly is still here at GDPS, furthering the breed. I have since acquired Amazed, Morning Light, Mourning Dove, Astonished, and Beseech. I have sold one filly so far.
Amazed, my Highland stallion, and Morning Light, my broodmare, have produced three fine fillies, Mourning Dove, Astonished, and Beseech. Their next foal will be a colt, due in 01-1. His name will be Gunner.
Highlands are a large pony breed with a fascinating history. I have become involved with the breed on a larger note, Lee Ann Bunn of the Fourmerk Stud contacted me when she saw my website. She has a large herd of Highlands on her Virginia farm, and was very helpful with a few of my questions. The breed is very rare in the US, but is at a healthy number in Scotland, where the breed originated. Visit Ms. Bunn’s Fourmerk Stud’s website.

My Caspian project began when Rena had her Caspian importation. I imported Xerxes and Tabriz, a stallion and a mare. Rena contacted me about the possible trade of my Arabian gelding ~Bey Heat and my Haflinger mare Ginger Ice, and I replied that I was interested in her Caspians. She informed me that she was clearing out of Caspians, and I offered to trade her both Heat and Ice for her six Caspians. She accepted, and Sabbath Storm, Macy Gray, Rum Tumbler, The Thong Song, I Try, and a newborn unnamed filly arrived at my barn. I Try and the newborn filly were sold to Lindsey, who sold them back to me a short while later, and I then sold I Try and the filly, named Enigma by Lindsey, to Alissa. Alissa renamed the filly That’s The Way I Like It. Tabby and Xerxes have not had any foals, but will soon. Macy is expecting a foal by Sabbath.
The program is called the Caspian Foundation but is generally referred to as “Susan’s Caspian Thing.”

The POAs. I did not own a single POA until Alissa’s importation. There I purchased three wonderful broodies and one stunning stallion, Rainbow Warrior. They cost me a fair piece, at about $4,000,000 each, but they were worth it. My bank account is around 54 million, anyhow. :)
The broodmares are all expecting foals for 01-1. All of those foals will be by Warrior. I like to have a self-sufficient breeding program so in case if members quit and take their horses with them I’ll still have a stud. That quit-and-disappear theory was brought to my attention when the two Anglo Kabarda stallions disappeared. Uh oh.

My POAs are going strong, and I am excited about the foals to be born in a short while. The program is called Operation Spots but is known as “The POA Project”.

After the efforts at buying a Chincoteague stud, Hurricane Floyd, as a three-year-old, when the Chincoteague adoptions came into effect in late November I naturally decided to adopt some quality horses.
Thus, Lavender, Whiplash, Lucky Number, and Chilli were introduced into my barns. All four have wild lineage, and all four, along with Floyd, will be the basis of my Chincoteague reintroduction project alongside my POAs, Caspians, and Highlands.
I only have one broodmare as yet, Chilli, the only other of-age mare, is a barrel racer/pole bender. Lavender and Whiplash are two young fillies. Lucky Number is my broodmare, and a better one I could not ask for. She is a beautiful mare who throws beautiful foals.

All the programs are small as it takes time for the numbers of various breeds to grow. The Highland Project, Caspian Foundation, Operation Spots, and the Chincoteague Introduction are all property of Gum Drop Pony Stables.