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Gum Drop Pony Stables Mares Page


Welcome to the Mares' Page!
***Silver Bubbles
(CC Silver Cloud x Summer Tans Black Lady)
1998-2y/o gray Welsh mare [medium]
A fantastic broodmare who is looking for a stud to sire her next baby!! English Pony Broodmare champion.
Points: 326 Earnings: $440,000
Foals: Twist N Shout, Silver Twizler, It Makes Me Ill, Yora, Lady Twizzler, Rock and Roll [all by Rockaround Twizzler], Pipe Dream [Dream Maker], Silverchair [Imagine That], Silver Trick Special, Champagne Bubbles [Woodland's Special Trick], Magic in the Hand, Lucky as Mars, Lollipop Lust [Absolute Magic]
*Quartz Crystal
(Quartz of Croila x Hilltree Heather [Heather Jock of Tower])
1998-2y/o chestnut 13.1hh Highland mare
Quartz is an amazingly rare color, but chestnut is recessive. However, therefore any color can produce chestnut, as shown with hercolt Jasper. Quartz will be used as a broodmare but will show occasionally as well, hopefully to earn a few stars.
Foals: Jasper, Vaterquartz, Crystalline, Tunis [Vatercola], Snowflake Obsidian, Shocker, Rock Show [Amazed]
Points 146 Earnings: $146,000
++~*LDV Dominique
(LDV Can't Catch Me x Dominique)
1997-4y/o 13.2hh bay Welsh Pony mare
Dominique was also purchased at the HBLA auction house, and was also bought for a very high price. She will retire to brood when she is 18. Overall Hunter Pony Reserve Champion, 1 reserve champion hunter, 1 grand champ hunter, Conformation Hunter Pony Reserve.
Points: 2679 Earnings: $2,961,000
++****Silver Rainbeau
(****Dream Maker x ~Fancy That)
1998-4y/o gray Welsh mare
Just the sweetest mare, she was the first Welsh I ever bought. She arrived with 45 points. 1 grand champion hunter, 1 reserve champion hunter, Hunter Hack Pony Champion, Hunter Reserve Champion.
Points: 2460 Earnings: $2,785,000
(Fallen Star x I Struck Gold)
1999-2y/o chestnut 12.1hh Welsh mare
Sara is a pony driving mare, who has surprised everyone at her competitions. She will go on to many more circuits! Advanced PDOTY in 02-1.
Points: 1952 Earnings: $2,186,000
+++~**One and Only
(One More Chance x Only You)
1997-4y/o 12.1hh grey Welsh mare
One was a chance purchase, and has earned over 800 points since her arrival. Advanced Level Pony hunter of the Year, two times! 2 grand champion hunter titles, 1 reserve champion hunter title, English Reserve Champion, Overall Hunter Pony Champion, Pony Hunter Prospect RC.
Points: 3745 Earnings: $3,989,000
(Danda Danskar x Ussellwood Abbi)
1999-1y/o bay Caspian mare
Tabby is a rare breed imported into HB. She will be bred to Xerxes at a later date. Tabby and Xerxes were the only Caspians at GDPS until Rena traded me her six for my Arab gelding ~Bey Heat and *Ginger Ice. I have since received Ginger Ice back.
Points: 1706 Earnings: $1,969,000
(Prins Drum van Bellet x Image)
1997-4y/o chestnut 14.2hh New Forest Pony mare
Miri is also a very rare breed. Her beautiful dressage talents have gotten everyone asking, "What's her breed again?"! Intermediaire Pony Champion, Grand Prix Dressage Grand Champion.
Points: 2608 Earnings: $2,765,000

*Pretty, Pretty Lights
(Cameron x Spottie Dottie)
1998-1y/o bay blanket POA mare
Pretty is ¼ of the population of POAs at GDPS, but hopefully in the future she won’t make up such a large percent of the population.
Points: 191 Earnings: $191,000

*Two Tears
(Sham x Wonderful)
1998-4y/o chestnut leopard POA mare
Tear has many admirable traits that she passes on to her foals. She has a nice color, a sweet disposition, and is a good all-arounder. English Pony Broodmare Reserve Champion.
Points: 225 Earnings: $225,000

Snap Crackle and Pop
(Popeye x Snapple)
1997-4y/o black leopard POA mare
Poppy settled in at GDPS faster than any of the other POAs, even Warrior. Her calm, bombproof nature has proved to be a desirable trait. When we were unloading the ponies, a truck backfired and Warrior reared. Tear and Pretty crowhopped, but Poppy flinched in place. She then looked as if to say, “Is that all?”.
Points: 68 Earnings: $68,000
~*Macy Gray
(Ucuncu x Chippendale Yavash)
1998-3y/o rose gray Caspian mare
I traded two high pointed horses for Macy and 5 other Caspians, since the breed appeals to me and it's extremely rare.
Points: 640 Earnings: $793,000

Mi Carina
(Corizon x Mi Amo)
1999-1y/o dun 14hh Criollo mare
Mi Carina, or "My Affection", is another rare breed broodmare here at the farm. She will be used to help further the Criollo breed in HP.
Points: 34 Earnings: $34,000

(Angel x Belle of the Ball)
1999-2y/o dun 14hh Criollo mare
Annabelle is settling in wonderfully at GDPS, and is in foal, no less! She has several old buddies, though, including the mares in the stalls next to hers, Mi Carina and Torment de Reina.
Points: 10 Earnings: $10,000

Torment de Reina
(King's Castle x Torment)
1999-2y/o dun 14.2hh dun Criollo mare
Torment, or "Storm Queen", is yet another dun Criollo! That makes the dun Criollo count 4, including Sandpiper. Stormie is taller than the other mares and even Sandpiper himself, though, and towers over the Minis!
Points: 32 Earnings: $32,000
+~*Rum Tumbler
(Zebedee x Marida Mush)
1999-2y/o buckskin Caspian mare
Rummy is a perfect example of a beautiful color. She is even rarer than the grays and bays here at the farm.
Points: 1615 Earnings: $1,825,000
+~*The Thong Song
(Trojan x Kristull Qapri)
1999-3y/o dark chocolate Caspian mare
Named after Sisqo's summer theme song by the ever-practical Rena [lol, luv ya Rena], Thong is in all actuality a very beautiful mare. Intermediate Pony Driver of the year in 01-3 and 02-1!
Points: 1645 Earnings: $1,279,000

(wild bred x wild bred)
1998-3y/o bright bay pinto Chincoteague mare
Chilli was adopted in the Chincoteague importation in late November 2000. She is a barrel racer and a pole bender, and is a lightning quick little mare on the course. Mare champion, Reserve Champion, Overall Reserve Champion, Pony Pole Bending Grand Champion, Pony Barrel Racing Reserve Champion, Reining Prospect Champion.
Points: 2382 Earnings: $2,638,000
Lucky Number
(wild bred x wild bred)
1997-4y/o black pinto Chincoteague mare
Lucky was thought to be homozygous and is, for the pinto gene, but not for the black pinto gene. She is shown on the right, grazing with Sarilee.
Points: 96 Earnings: $96,000
*Morning Light
(Eveready x Morning Star)
1997-3y/o creme dun 14.1hh Highland Pony mare
Light is a rare breed in HB. She is expecting a foal, which is one of the reasons I am so lucky to own her!!
Points: 198 Earnings: $198,000
She has had three foals, Mourning Dove [x Unkept Promises], Astonished [x *Amazed], Beseech [*Amazed], Startled [x Amazed, Crimson and Clover [x Amazed]
(Cezanne x Wind Spirit)
1999-3y/o chestnut pinto Chincoteague mare
Sarilee is a beautiful Chincoteague mare. She is multi-trained in both English and Western. She is on the left; Lucky Number is on the right in the photo. Reserve and grand champion pre-green hunter. 1 grand champion hunter title, Hunter Hack Pony Reserve, Intermediate PHOTY.
Points: 1985 Earnings: $2,351,000
++~***Fourmerk Heavenly
(Innes of Inervak x Dancrub Holly [Iolair of Orangefield])
1999-3y/o roan Highland Pony filly
Heavenly, the same rare breed as Light [above], is a perky little mare who I'm sure will go far with conformation like that. Preliminary Pony Champion. Intermediate PEOTY in 01-3, 01-4, AND 02-1!! Cross Country Reserve Champion, Eventing Grand Champion, Novice PJOTY.
Points: 2814 Earnings: $2,917,000
+~Ginger Ice
(Apollo x Genie)
1999-3y/o flaxen chestnut Haflinger mare
Ginger is back! this mare was traded along with an arab gelding for my Caspians, but then was given back! She is a lovely mare with beautiful driving form. Intermediate and Overall PDOTY in 01-4.
Points: 1858 Earnings: $1,900,000
(Candy is Sweet x Daddy's Girl)
1999-3y/o gray 13.2hh Welsh mare
Cloud is doing pony hunter for a year before retiring, just to give her a taste of the show ring and give her some points before she retires to just halter and settles into being a broodmare. Cloud was given to us by Shannon.
Points: 406 Earnings: $406,000
Foals: Image so Clear, Absolute Mist [x Absolute Magic]
(Blizzard x Sunny Gal)
2000-1y/o gray 14.2hh Welsh mare
Mangles is our second Welsh broodmare! She throws tall, correct foals that can do whatever they please! Mangles was given to us by Shannon.
Points: 55 Earnings: $55,000
Foals: Mangled Twizzler [x Rockaround Twizzler]
+**Question Mark
(Mark Me Here x Ask Me A Question)
2000-3y/o gray 13.2hh Welsh Mountain mare
Question Mark is a pony jumper. She's a cute little mare with lovely manners; we always put our youngest schedule rider on her and know that they will be just fine Advanced PJOTY, Overall PJOTY..
Points: 1291 Earnings: $1,413,000
+~***Tricky Imagination
(Woodland’s Special Trick x Imagination)
2000-1y/o chestnut 13.3hh Welsh mare
Tricky is a section B mare, and is competing strongly in pony hunter. GDPS was looking for some promising hunter stock, and as if out of nowhere, Tricky dropped right into our lap! Even if she weren’t a top hunter, Tricky would be a clean-up halter mare. 1 Grand Champion Hunter title, Working Hunter Pony Champion, Intermediate PHOTY.
Status: Pony Hunter
Points: 1861 Earnings: $1,990,000
+~****Only the Lonely
(Sundt x Taravair)
2000-2y/o broken dun Criollo mare
Such an outstanding color. She is a beauty all right, though. Lonely competed in polo with amazing perfection in 01-1. Overall Trail Champion, Pony Pole Bending Reserve Champion.
Points: 1922 Earnings: $1,960,000

++****Mourning Dove
(Unkept Promise x Morning Light)
2000-2y/o creme dun Highland mare
Mourning Dove is a great example of a purebred Highland. Mourning Dove is a pony eventer. Novice Pony Champion. 02-1 Canary PEOTY and Overall PEOTY; Intermediate PEOTY.
Points: 2770 Earnings: $3,353,000
~Meerut's Tiptoe
(Meerut Monarch x Tiptoe Timette)
2000-1y/o bay 13hh New Forest mare
Tiptoe is a pony eventer. She can get a bit excited over the larger courses, but who doesn't? Her intermediate rider can handle her just fine and they are rapidly progressing.
Points: 769 Earnings: $769,000

(Amazed x Morning Light)
2000-3y/o light creme dun Highland filly
Astonished is also a pony eventer. We have seen that Highlands have an amazing ability for this rough-and-tumble sport. Toni likes the sun, and will often lie down in her pasture when it is sunny out. Novice Pony Reserve Champion, Eventing Reserve Champion, Eventing Grand Champion, Intermediate PEOTY.
Points: 2234 Earnings: $2,835,000

(wild bred x wild bred)
2000-4y/o solid bay Chincoteague filly
Lavender was brought in with Whiplash in the adoptions...and the two have a strong bond. It usually works that way--horses bought at the same time almost always turn to each other to ease the stress, and in many cases, the bond is never broken. Once, in the case of two Paint mares, one of the mares was sold [to me], and three [sim] years later, when I purchased the other mare, the two practically bowled each other over in their greetings! Schooling Jumper Pony Champion.
Points: 1554 Earnings: $1,736,000

(wild bred x wild bred)
2000-4y/o black pinto Chincoteague filly
Whiplash and Lavender have settled nicely into pony jumping. Novice and Overall PJOTY in 01-4. Schooling Jumper Pony Reserve.
Points: 1723 Earnings: $1,749,000

(Amazed x Morning Light)
2000-4y/o light gray dun Highland mare
Beseech has found a niche with both the POA filly, Ninety-Six Tears, and the Highland filly, Startled.. Although a year's difference in age, the three are still friends. Novice PEOTY in 01-4, Canary PEOTY in 2002-2!
Points: 1759 Earnings: $1,806,000

+Ninety-Six Tears
(First Frost x Two Tears)
2001-1y/o bay leopard POA mare
Wow, that's a lotta tears! This filly is quiet and unobtrusive, and among other things, very sensible. She likes things a certain way, but if you change them, she'll accept that, too. She is very mannerly, and overall, the ideal filly. Novice PHOTY 02-3.
Points: 1057 Earnings: $1,367,000

(Amazed x Morning Light)
2001-1y/o gray dun Highland mare
Startled, Ninety-Six Tears, and Beseech have all become friends. Startled is a bit more "on edge" than the others, with Tears being the quiet one, and Beseech the loud and noisy one. This strange mix is indeed a good combination.
Points: 1217 Earnings: $1,421,000

(Nube Nueve x Mi Carina)
2001-2y/o chestnut 14hh Criollo mare
Scarlet is the starlet of the Criollo crop. Both Harris and '57 T-Bird are totally drooling over this filly--and rightly so. Her chestnut color, passed down by her runaround sire, is very highly prized and rare in the breed. Scarlet knows she's the center of attention, and often oh-so-seductively trots up her side of the colts' fence.
Points: 600 Earnings: $600,000
~***Sunken Rainbow
(Rainbow Warrior x Two Tears)
2001-2y/o red roan semi-leopard POA mare
Sunken Rainbow is quite a unique color. Her sire, Rainbow Warrior, is very proud of this little doll and Sunken is certainly living it up. She is the pet of the grooms and of the broodmares!
Points: 826 Earnings: $826,000

~**Crimson and Clover
(Amazed x Morning Light)
2001-2y/o gray dun Highland mare
Crimson and Clover has a new friend this year, Jasper. No longer will there be a solitary Highland foal each year! Jasper and this filly aren't what I'd call close, though--the two don't exactly get along. Crimson is well accepted in her little band of fillies, and that's what counts. Eventing Reserve Champion [2x].
Points: 736 Earnings: $736,000

(Sabbath Storm x Macy Gray)
2001-2y/o gray Caspian mare
Kokiri, named after the forest in Zelda, Ocarina of Time, will often perform daring rescues. Although not as superior as Link's, Kokiri has been known to rescue a damsel [Calliope], from certain danger [a stalking cat], from across the country [the other side of the feed room]. Usually this results in bruises, but Kokiri loves her friend very much.
Points: 393 Earnings: $393,000

(Xerxes x The Thong Song)
2001-2y/o bay Caspian mare
Cally and Kokiri are best friends. While Calliope takes the relationship a little more casually than Kokiri, they never fight and almost never are separated. Novice PDOTY, Overall PDOTY in 2002-2.
Points: 410 Earnings: $410,000

(Cheleken Zealandia x Kristull Qapri [Kristull Jewel of Darius])
2001-2y/o bay 13.3hh Caspian mare
Kalita is solid bay except for a small star on her forehead. She was not bred on the farm but was given to us by Shannon when she quit in 01-4.
Points: 212 Earnings: $212,000
~Chemical Smile
(Smile x Annabelle)
2001-3y/o dun Criollo filly
Chemical Smile is the second foal by champion polo stallion Smile. Our Smile will be a polo pony like her daddy when she grows up. Criollos have shown to be exceptional in the sport; it equals out to about ¾ of the showable population of Criollos is into polo.
Points: 566 Earnings: $566,000
(Sandpiper x Torment de Reina)
2001-3y/o dun Criollo filly
Wren was a very playful filly, as her picture suggests. She is very sweet and acts like she was born trained. Wren has black markings that look as if they were smeared on with charcoal.
Points: 307 Earnings: $307,000

***Thong and Dance
(Xerxes x The Thong Song)
2001-3y/o gray Caspian filly
Thong and Dance was born three hours after Gray Area. You can imagine the staff’s excitement over two healthy, well-conformed rare breed foals being born on the same morning! Thong is a very friendly filly, but can be a bit cautious, making her appear stubborn at times. She is as petite as Gray Area is big-boned.
Points: 302 Earnings: $302,000

~*Snowflake Obsidian
(Amazed x Quartz Crystal)
2001-3y/o dark dapple gray Highland filly
Obby looks exactly like the mineral for which she is named. She was black with white freckles when she was born, and the staff oohed and aahed over her for hours. She is consequently quite spoiled but has remained very agreeable nonetheless.
Points: 618 Earnings: $618,000

Pretty Rainbow
(Rainbow Warrior x Pretty Pretty Lights)
2001-3y/o chestnut blanket POA filly
Pretty Rainbow has no POA colt to romance; this year’s colt was sold at the HPLA. She and Rainbow Music are, surprisingly, not the best of friends; Pretty has taken a liking to Yora. Music consequently fraternizes with This Is Me, who is happy for someone to be fawning over him like a big sister.
Points 54 Earnings: $54,000

**Rainbow Music
(Rainbow Warrior x Snap Crackle and Pop)
2001-3y/o bay leopard POA filly
Rainbow Music dotes on This Is Me. She acts just like an older sister even though she’s his elder by a mere eight days. Music was the second foal born in 01-3.
Points 261 Earnings: $261,000
(Rockaround Twizzler x Silver Bubbles)
2001-3y/o gray Welsh filly
Yora is a cute gray mare who events like nobody’s business. She will switch between pony jumping and eventing; her sire did both as well. When she was a baby, we captured her first try at gumming grass here. She is a lovely mare with her sire’s wonderful attitude.
Points 16 Earnings: $16,000