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Gedarif Peace Haven


Last updated on the 23th of May 2010

Senceri e cordiali saluti

To those who step into this simple site of mine for the first time, I stretch my hand saying:ahlan wa sahlan - welcome. To those who have been here before I do the same and say: habbakum ashara - welcome multitudinous. Both, I thank very much for stepping by and ask them kindly for their comments on wish or if their time allows, because such comments will help me in my attempts developing this site occasionally.

It is my first attempt of presentation on the web and I am extremely pleased to have it taking its place among the growing population of this wonderful cyber world. I believe that by this simple piece of work one might be sharing, or at least witnessing the process of its making.

In this e-page you may find some interesting information about The Sudan its Niles, cities and more more items. You may read some topics about places where I have been traveling, some of which very few tourists may have heard, like the tiny village of M'noud in the Northern Rif mountains of Morocco. Gedarif is also one of the lovely places which is presented here, being as my birthplace, situated in the Butana plains in the Sudan.

** **
In the end I am debited to all who encouraged me and lent me a helping hand in putting together the fundaments of this site. Especially my lovely wife and friends in the Netherlands, the Sudan, Morocco and Turkey.

** **

Recite in the name of your Lord the most bountiful. who by the pen taught man what man did not know.( Iqra,99:2-4)

In the beginning was the word. (John 1:1)

.... Let us begin and create an idea ... which is the mother of the invention (Plato, in the Republic).

You can hold back from the suffering of the world, you have free permission to do so and it is in accordance with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering that you could have avoided. (Franz Kafka: Prables and Paradoxes: Paradise)

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