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9 December 2001 Ramadan Mubarak!

I am currently searching for reference photos of the native Arabian costume. I am not looking for photos of the Americanized style of Arab costume, as I would like to try to make my set-ups at model horse shows to be more historically accurate. I have compiled what I have found over the years into a few pages of info with real, model, and historical/artistic photos and pictures of the Native Arabian costumes as seen in the Middle East.

My current set-up, featuring my model Arabian stallion, Al-Dabaran, could be improved. First of all, I could have a mare rather than a stallion (as the Bedouins favored riding their mares rather than the stallions). I would also like to replace the costume with a less showy, more historically accurate native costume. To see the set-up I am currently showing, please click on Al-Dabaran's image below...


If you have any images to send or any references to point me in the right direction, please email me!

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Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan with two Arab mares Mashour, an Arab stallion from Jordan

NOTE: The following pages are graphic intensive

  • Native Costumes - Photos of the costumes in detail, many collected over the years off the web

  • Native Halters - Numerous photos of halters and breastcollars in various styles

  • Arab Riders - Riders from the Jordan, Bahrain, and the deserts of elsewhere

  • For Model Horses - Several examples of the Middle Eastern costumes and halters for model horses

  • Arab Costumes in Art - Various artwork with the Arab horse in costume

  • More References - Links to several real and model sites
  • Thanks to Stephanie Annee, Heather Malone-Bogle, Cristy Cumberworth,, and others for helping contribute photos and information.