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The Matrik

Ok, here's the whole complete story from A 2 Z.

Keep in mind that today is March 2000.

Ok, back in '99 me (GrImAcE, formely Top Man/Synapse/Daydolon/Plant Man/
a whole arrangement of names) and my good
bud Arjuna68 saw the movie The Matrix.
I think you've heard of it.

Anywayz, just for fun we made fun of it,
changed the guys names, and so on and
so forth.

Then, on his website, he made an movie of
Then we decided to expand it.

I made more episodes and put em' on this site.

In the summer of '99, Arjuna made a new
site coz' FortuneCity turned into crap,
moved to Geocities, and made Matrik episodes
in 3D.  Then, his site was abandoned for
no reason, and this one right now
hasen't been updated for quite some time,
so now I am here to tell you what has happened.

I later on made a tribute to Top Man, but I
abandoned it to pursue other things.

I got myself a new site at geocities which I 
soon abandoned, to make an oasis tribute site.
But that died out 2 days later coz' it was crap.
Soon me and Arj hooked up to make
 page of mantocness, but I abandoned
it and started my own site.  Arj decided
to keep mantocness and moved on.

Arj is currently a mod and mp3 tracker,
I on the other hand am making games.

Oh, and another thing, Clan [DEC] died out, I think.
Fiend (or SHAW) turned into a real asshole
and is gone.  By the way Jade's Fire is Arj.
And that's what happened over the year.

So now this site is not exactly abandoned, 
I won't update it unless something happens.

Thje guestbooks died out so that's gone
and my new episodes are, well, completed
but I didn't upload em'.  Like I said,
it's about Kevin Man kidnapping Sailor Venus.

So that's what happened.

This site will continue running, you may enter below.


My site
Arj's site