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What is Finesse?

Finesse is a collection of the most known skaters as well as the most promising up and coming skaters from both coasts. You will see not only new skate spots and skaters, but also the newest and most difficult tricks. The majority of Finesse was edited to hip-hop music and was created in stereo sound. SO PLAY IT LOUD!

Featured Skaters

Jon Bergeron, Josh Petty, Chris Edwards, Randy Spizer, Maxie Broome, Dave Ortega, Aaron Feinberg, Matt Salerno, Louie Zamora, Mayan Tamang, Dustin Latimer, Jeremy Pennachinni, Mike O'Brien, Steve Pugiliese, Jon Julio, Adam Ford, Shane Skower, D-Clan, Matt Gallegher, Mike Choley, Hakeem Jimoh, Johnny Wu, Nikki Adams, Kevin Gillan, Shane Saviors, Joe Dedentro, Jon Arroyo, Pat Lennon, and more.