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What would YOU do with a drunken sailor?????

Ah, well then me drooogies. The Tall Ships extravaganza in good ol Boston gave Liz (of shpadoinkle day fame), Lucy (of Fishwalk fame), Fav (former fan of the month) and Katharine (i spelt that wrong, but she kicks ass anyway) an opportunity to answer the age old question, what would you do with a drunken sailor? heeeheeeheeee.......maybe we didn't do as much as we wanted to, but we did all we thought we should do.......

The Fav approach

Well, Fav here took the "I'll-wear-his-cool-hat-and-have-my-picture-taken-and-let-him-kiss-my-cheek" approach with our inebriated JFK sailor friend here. We never did catch his name, so we'll call him Jack (as in Jack Daniels since he sounded to be from the south). He was 21 and very, very drunk.

The Liz Approach

Liz was very similiar to Fav in approach. She prefers not to kiss drunk people (fear of being puked on amongst other things). She, in addition, put her arms around him to steady him so he wouldn't fall. Accidentally propositioning a sailor is potentially dangerous. This poor fellow thought Liz was taking him home because she said, "you're not making it back to the ship tonite" meaning, you'll pass out before you can walk back. apparently, her tone was highly suggestive. supress your dark side liz, suppress

The Lucy Approach

Lucy is by far, the high scorer for the evening (we accumulated a collective 200 points that night). Any questions about how can be directed to Lucy (since i don't know if she wants the kickass tale on the web)At any rate, the picture is lucy and scott.