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Roadies Roadies Roadies

This is a page dedicated to our Fearless Roadies

Aly and Emily

Aly went on to join the band as a Cow Bell Soloist. Emily is a badass roadie, she now attends Smith College. She rocks.

The Fallen

Mike with Holly. so yes, Mike here was a roadie, he was quite helpful at tuning etc. etc. then Holly fired him because he gave her attitude. all she wanted was for him to drop everything he was doin, go up a hill, and carry her all her very heavy stuff down and up a hill. what a jerk!!!!!! ps he still wants into the band, but he's just not a chick.


I wonder if he's a righty.......

At any rate, Corey isn't an official roadie, but he wants to be, so we figure we should have him up in the roadies section......until he's an ex that is....hee hee hee......