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Us being Jocks. Yah dude!!

We dig the X-treme sports!! Snowboarding!! Sailing!!

KT crossing the Atlantic

You'd think she was some awesom sailor with her spray suit and all. Actually, no. The boat's being towed, there's no sail, and that's my sister's spray suit. This was on the way home from the Jr. Olympic qualifier. We went for the t-shirts and food, the boat broke so we had to leave early. We still got the t-shirts and food though, it wasn't a total loss.

Liz, acting all pissed off

This was right after we dropped out of the race. I just realized that 'cause we left, we didn't get to have the pre-award ceremony cookout. damn, no free food.

back at the dock

All happy again, back on the dock, getting ready to go eat lunch.

Jocks continued...