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The Official HOLLY page!

Official page dedicated to the Guitarist, HOLLY!!!

Holly goin' crazy on the guitar!

I beleive her guitar is named Iven, but this is not her guitar, this is Katie's Plank. That's its name, The Plank. At any rate, it amazed me to see that Holly could sit like a pretzal and play.

Side note, in the bios, it lists some of Holly's musical likes, she really kinda likes a wide variety of stuff, but I just don't know most of it 'cause every time I'm at her house we listen to our "practice" tape, Anti-Flag, or (dammit, mind blank, not thinking of name, er, um) ok, the group she loves with Flavour Flave (or however its spelled). I can't beleive I forgot the name. dammit.

Even the greatest people turn to cheat sheets once in awhile...

So Holly looked at a tab book...but it's Katie's book, Holly was just double checking to maintain accuracy, honest! Holly's magazine is next to her, she was trying to find out if there's a do-able guitar part for Livin' La Vida Loca.

Shake that booty

Holly was singing and dancing around like a maniac with Liz during practice. She's all set for the clubs when she turns 18...