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Shenanigans, Balyhoo and Tomfoolery

Ah yes, a shenanigans, balyhoo and tomfoolery page. Take heed, for this is truly wisdom. Here you will learn how to fake loving a gift you hate, how to take a picture of someone you like without them knowing, and how to turn a perfectly normal table into a bubble bath.

Bubble Fun

So you're at a birthday party where you know a few people, but not most. Your host(ess) distributes bubbles as a thank you for coming gift. Gather you're gang and pour the bubble stuff onto the table. then proceed to blow bubbles one on top of another, creating a little bubble bio dome on the table. it's messy and fun.

Faking Joy

So it's your birthday and all and you open your present thinking "gee, it's in a victoria's secrets bag, it must be cool!!" You open it to find, as Katie here did, the Backstreet Boys single for that Everybody Rock Your Body song. Naturally you're not exactly excited since you HATE the Backstreet Boys. As vomiting on it and destroying it would make you seem ungrateful, you should fake joy. Hold up the gift and praise it, then thank your friend saying you just LOVE it! after friend leaves, sell it to a used cd store.

Slick Photography

Ok ladies. We all have moments where we say "damn he's hot, I wish I could take his picture but I can't because it would be sooo obvious that I was taking it!" Problem solved. Find said Hot Guy. stand several feet away. Find unsuspecting friend. Position friend so that you can fake taking his/her picture while you actually take Hot Guy's picture. It will appear that you're snapping a bad photo of your friend, when you're actually focused on the guy. When you get your pictures developed, the average casual observer will believe you just got to close to your friend and that's why they're blurry and that random guy in the background is soo clear.