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I woke up this morning and guess who was on my mind?  :)

My goodness....When I first met you, I had no idea how deeply you would touch me.  Getting to know you, and sharing our thoughts has produced such a positive effect  on me. I have this  feeling of  happiness that stays inside me all through the day. I  find myself thinking about you ....and smiling alot....private smiles that I keep all to myself.:)

You make me laugh, you make me think  and look within myself to find answers to questions I might have.  You bring out the very best in me, and being able to share with you is the highlight of my day. ..Sharing  ..good times bad times and all the inbetween times. Our moments together are very special.)

I feel truly blessed that you have become a  part of my life....a very important part. And in the process, you have found the key to my heart. I hope that I have been able to evoke the same feelings within you.

I love sharing my thoughts with you.

It has become such an easy thing to do.

And it feels soooo good....:)

Shayna...Expressions from my heart(copyright1999)

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So come on baby.....

Now what do you say?:)

Hmmm, I do love

Lets keep sharing.....



on :)

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((((((((Hugs*****)))))))) & XXXXX's

I'm thinking of you....with my fingers crossed...

One Night At A Time....:)

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One Night At A Time recorded by George Strait

To fully appreciate this man's wonderful talent......

purchase this cd.....Its amazing....:)

And your special someone will thank you..too...:)

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