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Hi....Its me, and I have something  I would like to say .  Quite a surprise...huh?  :)

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Well, just for a moment,  before I sign off for the evening, I would like to be serious and talk to you a bit.

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Usually every evening, we are able to connect...and talk.  Sometimes, although disappointing when it happens, our time together can only be for a few minutes due to one of us being busy with other aspects of our lives.  And then... there are the special times... when we have the opportunity to spend the entire evening together and talk the night away.  I have to admit that those are the  times I really love the best...:) I love being with you and sharing everything that matters with you.  Even on the rare occasions when we seem to miss each other completely, there is a note waiting for me in the morning sealed with a kiss and  wrapped in a hug, just to let me know that you have been thinking about me. You always make me feel very special...:)

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I spent a lot of time thinking of a way that I could say goodnight a little differently and yet make it special.  And, when I heard this song, I knew this would be the perfect way to express the way I feel, say goodnight, and bring a smile to your face. And, making you smile, is the best possible way I can think of to end an evening with you when saying goodnight is sometimes so difficult to do.

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And now it seems to be that time again. Its time to say goodnight and get ready for a busy day tomorow.....but this time, I will leave you with a I say....:)

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Goodnight my love.
Pleasant dreams...
and sleep tight my love.
May tomorrow be sunny and bright...
And bring you closer me.:)

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Goodnight****:) ((((((Hugs*****))))))

An Shayna(copyright1999)

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I'll be thinking of you as I always do...:)

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Sweet dreams......:)

Awwww heck, Its still difficult....

Do I really have to go?????

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Goodnight My Love
Vocal by Paul Anka .....sighhhhh

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I'm going for real this time....and keep that smile...:)


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