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* Datura's garden of boots *

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Hello Everyone!!!!! Welcome to my humble Tori Amos bootleg trading page. I only trade with tapes but still email me your offer, don't be shy. If you can't find anythings you want E*MAIL me and I will try find it for you!!!!! Before you e*mail me with what you want to trade with me please read MY RULES first!!!! They are easy!!!! Thanx!!!!


(please read)


~*~New Stuff~*~

3.6.94 London,England

4.30.94 London,England

8.28.96 Lewiston,NY

9.9.96 Boston,MA

4.28.98 Toronto,ON

6.10.98 Den Haag,Netherlnds

7.23.98 Aurburn Hills,MI

11.21.98 State College,PA

11.23.98 Bethlehem,PA

11.29.98 Columbus,OH

8.28.99 Holmdel,NJ

9.3.99 Darien Lake,NY

9.8.99 Cleveland,OH

9.24.99 Las Vegas,NV

last updated febuary 21 2000

join the stringbean lover's exchange
join the stringbean lover's exchange

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