What's new and plans for the Future!

Ok, so I haven't been doing so well at keeping this updated.. blah blah blah. What can I say, I'm lazy. Not like I have anything ELSE to do buut, oh well. I'm gonna try to do better I say that all the time... anyway, I'm hoping to get a dictionary up, along with putting up lots more stuff that I've found while surfing. Any contirbutions emailed to HLKleinberg@hotmail.com would be appreciated! Also, requests *may* be concidered. But beware, if demanded instead of asked, you may recieve a.. "not-so-nice" letter back.

WOW have I not updated in a while.. ok.. I've moved around stuff in the gallery.. I think.. so much for my plans of being quick to update things.. pfft.

911 Memorial added.

All gallery drawings linked up now.

Explination of my beliefs added.
"Who is the One True God?"
another story added. My Cat
Acknowledgements added.

Visit to a Buddhist Temple

More poems added

AGH!!!!!!! This page needs updating! Urg.
Happy New Year everyone (a little late.)
Happy Valentine's Day (yuck.)
Ok, several things added.
My Geocities site has now been moved to ma3/paganartist. The Geocities account has been deleted!
Dilan was added. haha.
home.html in my BoS was spiffed up a little.
essay "Walking the Path Between Light and Shadow" was added.
essay "Pagan, Wiccan or Witch?" added.
Sometimes you just gotta laugh! added.
essay "Understanding myself and the rest of the world" added.
a href="http://www.angelfire.com/ma3/paganartist/hinduism.html">Hinduism added.
BoS outline added.
paganartist now has banners! And I think that's it! :)

LAST DAY FOR SENIORS IS MAY 31st!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I GRADUATE IN A LITTLE OVER A MONTH! Muah.. yeah, I haven't been very productive with my website for a while.. but I do now have an online diary at diaryland.com: http://.ariel84.diaryland.com however, it's currently locked because of um.. certain.. things. C'mon now, it's a DIARY. hehehe :)

uhmmmm... Yes........ I have a webpage? What? Anyway, I added a couple songs to the lyrics page, and lets see what else have I done..
An essay about Love (hehehe) was added
as well as some poems and random ramblings I found floating around my harddrive.

Some brushing up being done.. Dilan's page was updated a little, and old, useless artwork was deleted from my drawings page. In other news... I'm engaged. :)