Who is the One True God?

For years, since the spread of different cultures beyond their own countries, Humanity has been struggling with this question: Who is the One True God? IS there a one true God? Christianity says that Jesus is the only God, that all other "gods" are just Satan tricking people. Islam worships Allah and says all other gods are false also. Judaism says the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Sarah. The Greeks and Romans had their Pantheon of gods and goddesses. Hinduism has Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, along with lots of others. Buddhists don't actually have a Deity, but they turn to the Buddha's teachings for guidance. Satanists worship the self, and there is more. So, who's right?
Before we being, I'm going to say right now that the opinions in this writing are just that, they're OPINIONS! It's what I think, and how I believe the world works. I'm not saying that it's the absolute truth. However, if you don't believe me giant pink vampire bunnies are going to come after you in the night and NIBBLE YOUR TOES OFF!!!!-Ehem, yes, so these are my opinions. (Minus the bunny thing.)

Personally, I think G-d is above the restraints of being confined to just what one doctrine teaches. As if to say, this is how G-d is, and he can be no other way. G-d has many faces, many names. All of them are correct. For all the faces and names of G-d are man's way of trying to understand G-d. Each of them is how one person saw G-d. I think G-d speaks to us in ways that we will understand, not just the ways the clergy says. I hear G-d in the tree leaves rustling, and in the burbling of water through a stream. G-d understands how I see her, and she can adapt because she knows. She speaks with a voice I can hear. One I can accept. G-d may speak to a Christian as Jesus because that's what he expects/understands/needs. G-d spoke to Moses as the Hebrew god. They're all the same being. If G-d is so powerful, then I think He can do this. There's no need for Her to speak with only when voice, and have only a few hear. I think G-d is more understanding, and more loving than that. Genesis 2 says that G-d made Woman for Man because he was lonely, and needed a mate. Here G-d is showing that he understands human needs, the example here being the need for companionship. And G-d has had a long time to observe his creations. She knows us, she understands, she speaks so we can hear.

Written by Heather Kleinberg a.k.a. ArielMorgan.