Samhain of 2001

I keep noticing the leaves, and the change in temperature. All the orange, yellows, reds, still some greens, the gray-brown of the ground and the blue in the sky seem beautiful. I don't remember noticing it last year. I wish I were painting more… or taking more pictures. There's something I feel I must capture before it gets away. I feel like making pumpkin pie and cookies with jack'o'lanterns in them.

In my busy schedule of work, school, friends and sleep, I wish I had the time to sit and watch the season. Carve my pumpkin. Take a walk. I miss Her. I would like to see the moon tonight. Perhaps I'll go look for her.

I feel the time pulling, rushing by quickly as the year comes to an end. I still wish I could stop it, hold it close, and make time stand almost still. Savor the last few moments; but the season will come again, and though each year I'll probably feel the same way, I'll have to eventually let go. Say good-bye to the Horned God, and wait for him to return.

Written by ArielMorgan.