What do I mean when I say Pagan, Wiccan, Witch?

All throughout this "Book", I'll use the words Pagan, Wiccan and Witch interchangably. A pagan (used here anyway) is someone who practices a nature based religion. That's a pretty wide catigory. However, I do acknowledge that many people who might fit, don't actually like to be called pagan. I appologize to those people if the word offends them. I call myself Pagan, because it's most comfortable to me.

So what about witch and wiccan? Wiccan's are people who follow the religious system called "Wicca", which has many "traditions" inside of that. Wicca as a religion got "out there" through authors such as Gerald Gardener, Sybil Leek, Leo Martello, and then later on Starhawk, the Farrars, Doreen Valiente, Ray Buckland, Scott Cunningham, and others. Wicca is a modern movement, to sort of "reclaim" the ancient pagan religions of Europe. Whether or not Wicca has true roots in ancient witchcraft is a moot point. And a witch, is someone who practices witchcraft, or "The Craft of the Wise." A witch is the hardest to define.

And to make it even worse, Not all witches like to be called wiccans, and vice versa. And not everyone likes to be called Pagan. But on THIS website, pagan, wiccan and witch are three different words to decribe those of us who follow the nature based religion, and revere the God and Goddess in whatever form.