Use hypnotic words (those beginning with 's" or containing a "z") for psychic-awareness, love, healing spells; Use potent, strong words for protection spells. match the words to the type of ritual you're composing.

Don't expect the words to simply flow from you. Work at it & work with them. Your psychic mind knows what you need.


"I ask in the name of (Goddess & God or The All) that I, Morgan, be granted (state desire)...I ask that this be correct & for the good of all people. So mote it be. In no way will this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse."

"In this night & in this hour, I call upon the Ancient power. O Goddess Bride & Consort Bright, I ask thee now to bring your light."

"I have a need that must be met. I ask thee (name of deity) that I obtain the perfect (whatever it is) for (reason)."

"I ask the Universe to lend the power of all the correct astrological correspondences so they may enter this circle now to obtain my desire."

"Therefore, I specifically draw toward myself the (desire) without affecting the free will of all & harming none."

"I now proclaim this spell is done. The (desire) is mine! In no way will this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse! As I will, so mote it be!"

"In this sacred space & time, We call now the Old Ones; the Goddess of the moon, seas & rivers; the God of the rayed Sun, of valleys & forests; Draw near us during this, our circle.