To Draw A Lover To You

Here again, it's not a case of drawing a specific person to you. Rather, this magick is to draw "someone" to you. No names, though you can certainly specify the type of person, e.g., "a dark, six-footer, with a sense of humor and an interest in hang-gliding," or whatever.

The two favorite semiprecious "stones" of the Gypsies are jet and amber. Of course neither one is truly a stone. Jet is an organic product: bituminous coal that can be polished. Amber is the fossilized, hardened resin of the pine tree Pinus succinifera, formed during the Bocene period (about 50 million years ago). For this spell you need a piece of amber, and it should (for best results) be a piece with an incest inclusion. If not available, then any piece if amber can be used.

This should be done on a Friday, first thing in the morning when you rise and before you do anything else. Take a piece of amber and hold it in your (closed) left hand. Hold the hand over your heart, close your eyes, and concentrate your thoughts on the type of person you want to attract to you. See him or her in as much detail as you can: height, weight, eye and hair coloring. Think of the interests, sports, activities, you would like them to have. Then see the two of you together, walking hand in hand.

Now kiss the amber and place it in a piece of pink or red silk and wrap it up securely. Carry that with you at all times for the next seven days, sleeping with it under your pillow. Every morning repeat the holding and visualizing, though hold it still wrapped in the silk; don't unwrap it. By the seventh day you will have met something just like the person you have been wishing for.

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