Invisibility Spell adapted from a spell by Wynn, used with permission.

Invisibility is a term that is easily misunderstood. No, you cannot make a magical potion that you drink and *bing* become invisible. Sorry. But this spell will make you seem invisible to people. Sometimes it's nice you don't want attention or if you just want to be left alone.

If you want to be invisible to others- that is, people will look right past you like you aren't there (but if you punch them or something, they'll still see ya, sorry) try this. Close your eyes and imagine a sphere of white light around you. Then imagine that the light starts to get blurry. It then takes on the colors and shapes of the environment around you. You fade into the light, becoming a part of it, until you completely disappear into the camouflage of the circle of light around you.

I've done this and tried to talk to people and they didn't even see me until I physically touched them, then they would just like- jump- like holy crap, how'd you get there? And normally, I'm a very noticeable person. I'm not used to being invisible like that but it was an interesting experiment- useful if you need to hide, want to be alone (no annoyances) or are somewhere you shouldn't be and don't want to get caught.


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