To Change Eye Color

I get a high volume of emails regarding this page. Most are either already answered on this page and the writers simply did not read it well, or they are shows of narrow-mindedness and ignorance (read on to see what I'm talking about). This is a form of magick lesser known and lesser practiced, but valid and workable. If you don't believe that, then it is your own loss because you are limiting yourself. And if you think this is a "spell from The Craft" (the movie), that is an extremely stupid statement (sorry). This is not a spell. But even if it were, had you ever seen the movie in question, you'd know this is nothing like the "thing" on The Craft. Why would you even care if it was from the movie? Do you think that they used no factual information from Wiccan beliefs for that film? Do you feel that they just "made up" the calling of the quarters, magick, and witchcraft for their scripts? Just because it's in a movie, does not make it true NOR does it make it false. As far as saying, "well, they made up glamours!"... that's another really uninformed statement. Glamour magick was around long before The Craft. Long before movies! So get over it. I simply will not reply to emails from closed-minded, rude people.

Now, there are two methods for changing eye color. The first is the easiest, it takes no knowledge of magick and no practice, and it CANNOT FAIL! It's called going out and buying contacts. <-- That's it! (Beginners, newbies, you should be done reading already.)

For the magick practitioner wishing to test their skill, there is a second way to do it. It is more difficult and takes much practice. It's also completely natural. You must be relatively advanced as a witch to use the magical method, but once you learn it's fun and entertaining. This type of magic is commonly called a glamour. It is really just a matter of taking a desire and making it surface so that it is visible to other people.

Close your eyes. You must have complete focus and be concentrating only on changing the eye color, any other distractions must be cleared from the mind. Now fill your mind with the color your eyes are, right now, naturally. Now see that color slowly change to the color you wish your eyes to become. See it overpower your natural color. Imagine that the color shines like a ray of light from inside your mind out through your eyes. Visualize your eyes becoming that color as the light passes through them. (This process should take at least 15 minutes the first few times, and you will have to repeat it after awhile. Glamours fade as you "forget" them.)

Upon opening your eyes, you may or may not be able to see the change in the mirror. For a more accurate check of whether it worked, ask someone what color your eyes are. If they know you really well they may see past the glamour. (Your parents may see past it, and often spouses or very close friends, because they know you too well.) The stronger you develop the talent to throw a glamour, the more people it can trick. It will take you practice. Good luck!


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