Both of these spells work best under the waxing moon or full moon.

The Threshold Love Spell

When you are going to be in a place where you expect to find the person whose affection you want, you should be prepared ahead of time with a small handful of powdered rosemary or myrtle. Get there early and scatter this across the threshold while thinking pleasant thoughts about him/her and you together. If the object of your adoration walks over these herbs to enter the place where you wait, passionate love will ensue.

The Cinderella Love Spell

Place cowslip or dogwood blossoms (preferably three of either one) under the chair in which you expect your desired love to sit. If s/he sits in that seat and, while sitting there happens to glance your direction, s/he will not be able to think about anyone else until after midnight. After midnight the enchantment will be broken and the spell will have to be repeated

Spell Author: Edain McCoy

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