Ancient mystery, magic night
Cut pink rose buds by fireside bright.
Thread of white, a needle sharp
Candle red to stay the dark.

Place all upon the altar stone
Consegrate from witches bones.
Cast a circle from outstretched hand
Call the quarters, make it grand.

Elements of good, and angels too
Universal love can be their cue.
Banish winter, out, out, out
Raise your staff, turn thrice about.

Throw Yule greens in the fire
Dance to bring in Spring's desire.
Dress the dolly, corn she be
The harvest bride from last year's seed.

String the rose buds, one by one
Circle and tie when you are done.
Empower it now, hold it high
Ask the Gods to bring love nigh.

Raise your energy, bright and strong
Hum a tune of loving song.
Release your power, quickly please
Ground and center, feel at ease.

Dismiss your quarters. circle down
Open the space with a rapping sound.
In the morning, when the sun doth rise
Place the dolly under new day skies.

Leave her there, without the gown
To summon prosperity all year round.
When autumn chill doth kiss your cheek
Return the doll to the ground or creek.

Save the necklace, keep it close
Give it to whom you love the most.
Kiss them once upon the lips
Tell them it's an Imbolc gift.

Spell Author: Silver RavenWolf

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Updated: June 1997