• love incense (musk or rose)
  • pink candle
  • altar decorated with pink and white cloth.
  • athame

Go outside and look up at the Moon, holding the pink candle in your power (writing) hand. If it's not possible, at least stand in a window where you can see the Moon. Hold the candle up toward the Moon and tell the Goddess what traits you would like in a lover and, most importantly, that you DO want a lover.

Back inside, light your love incense and sit before the altar already decorated in white and pink cloth. Visualize your ideal lover. Then take the pink candle and lightly carve the words "true love" along one side of it with your athames. Set the pink candle in a holder (make sure it's a fire-proof holder since you'll leave the candle to burn out completely) and light it.


Moon of love and shining grace,
I would see my lover face to face.
Heart to heart, I long to be,
With the special someone meant for me.

Spell Author: D.J. Conway

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Updated: October 1998