• a sheet of paper
  • a pen
  • 1 pink or red candle
  • rose petals (for love)
  • jasmine incense
  • a rose quartz, ruby, or garnet gemstone (optional)


This spell is best done on the first Friday after the New Moon. Light the candle and incense, relaxing completely. Think of all the qualities you desire in a lover, such as faithfulness and honesty. Write them down, being specific. Take as much time as you need, making sure every quality you desire is written down in a clear way.

When you are finished with the list, go outside, leaving the candle and incense burning in safe containers. Look up at the sky and find a star that attracts you or appeals to you the most. Holding the rose petals and gemstone in your hand, visualize the starlight beaming down to fill your hands, infusing the petals with power. Say:

Star of love burning bright, aid me in my spell tonight.
Unite my true love to me, as I will then it shall be.

Go back inside and sprinkle the rose petals around the base of the candle, and place the gemstone in front of it. Picture yourself as a bright flame that is attracting the person who is best for you. Then call softly:

Hear me as I call to you. Come to me, my love so true!

Let the candle burn totally.

Spell Author: Starflower

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Created: September 1998