The Witches Pyramid

To Know

You, as a witch, must know what you are doing when it comes to magick. I know it sounds logical, but you will be amazed at the number of beginners who take their studies in this area for granted. Practicing magick is not something to be taken lightly. It is a big responsibility for all witches. Many times spells backfire because the witch did not do his/her homework.
It is important that you gain as much knowledge as you can in order to do ritual magick. Read as many grimoires (Books of Shadows) as you can get your hands on. A well-written grimoire is not only a collection of spells. It also contains detailed explanations of the results of each spell and well-researched information. It is very important that you try to make sense of what you read. Why was the spell a failure? How does the spell work? Look at the items used for a specific spell. Become acquainted with them. Learn what they are, what they are used for, etcetera.

Many new witches believe that performing someone else's spells will hinder their own magick. I understand their desire to create their own spells. Is it not that the ultimate goal of all witches? However, personally I disagree with the idea of studying other people's grimoires can hinder your own practice of magick in anyway. Every Book Of Shadows is a well of vast information and wise knowledge given out freely and with love. It would be a pity to let it all go to waste. Remember, knowledge is power.

To Dare

You must dare to practice magick. You must be willing to stand up and use all that knowledge you have gained by now to create your own rites and spells. Perhaps this one is the hardest for some new witches. "What if I don't know enough to create my own healing spell?" To be honest, you never stop learning things. So if you are waiting to gain all the knowledge to practice magick, then you will die old without having practice magick.

To Will

Once you have decided to practice magick, you must be strong enough to will the manifestation (to make the spell come true). The fear of failure or of a spell backfiring is always there, creeping into the young witch's mind. Actually if you have done your homework and learnt the basis of spellcasting, your fears might not be as great as with someone who has no knowledge of magick and tries to cast a spell. Think about it! By now you have gained enough knowledge on how to do things to avoid most of the terrible pitfalls.
The real fear comes from not being strong enough to carry on spell. "What if nothing happens?" Like all beginners, you might have already started on your road to practice a little magick . If you have read Wicca 101 books, they allow readers to practice simple magick. Build your confidence by doing simple magickal works first. Try candle magick and gem magick. These are the easiest to perform and excellent for beginners. Start performing magick for yourself. As you gain more confidence in your own magickal abilities, you can move on to perform more complex spells adding your own flair to them, as well as performing magickal works for others.

However, remember, witches are humans too. Therefore, we are bound to commit mistakes sometimes, even though we do our best to avoid them. That is normal; so do not torture yourself if one of your spells goes wary. A wise witch will record it all in his/her Book Of Shadows. Then he/she will sit down to read it carefully looking for any flaws in it.

The same thing applies for rites. Who says rites have to be big and flamboyant? Do you really think the Goddess will look down upon you if your rite is small and simple? Not the Goddess I know! I do not always have the time or find myself in the right place to perform a full ritual, so I keep them simple.

To Keep Silent

In many traditions, witches believe that it is necessary to keep silent about the magickal works. They believe that speaking of their works in progress can dissipate or diffuses the energy flow. They also believe that it can allow others to interfere with the outcome of your magickal work.
Many witches disagree on this prefering to talk about their magickal workings openly. It is up to you to decide upon this issue. Personally I believe silence is the strongest power you can have on your side. Somewhere I read; "You're master of your thoughts, but slave of what you say."