Money Candle Prep.


     Chop or grate the paraffin into small pieces. Fill the pot about 1/3 with 
water. Place the paraffin in the can. Bring the water to a boil. Place the can
into the water. The can will float untill the paraffin starts to melt. Watch 
the paraffin carefully, paraffin can burst into flames over high heat, that's 
why it's used for candles. If the paraffin bursts into flames place a lid over 
the can to smuther it, or drench the area in baking soda. 

     While the paraffin is melting mix the spices in the bowl. Check the paraffin.
For best results you should have at leat 6" of wax, if you need more paraffin add 
it now. When the paraffin is completely melted break up the green dye (or remove 
the crayon wrapping and break in up inro the melted paraffin) into the melted 
paraffin, stir with a wooden spoon untill the dye is melted and the paraffin is 
colored evenly. Remember that the finished candles will be a shade or two lighter
then the melted paraffin, add more dye if needed. When paraffin is dyed evenly 
sprinkle in the herbs with your projective hand. Dust off your hands over the paraffin. 
Stir in the hebs with the wooden spoon. Stir 

     Add eight to sixteen drops patchouly essential oil to the wax and again stir
clockwise with the wooden spoon. Smell the paraffin, it should be heavily scented, 
add more oil if needed. 

     Dipping: For dipping I would sugest having a glass of cold water on the stove 
next to the paraffin. Take a piece of wicking slightly larger than you want your 
taper. Dip it in the paraffin, it might float the first few times you dip it. It
isn't heavy enough yet to go into the paraffin. Once the wicking can be dipped into
the wax with no problem follow this pattern. Dip the wicking into the wax, then into 
the glass of water, paraffin, water, over and over again until your tapper is at it's 
desired length. When you have the tapper the size you want it, hang it up for a few 
min. It should be hard, but still warm to the touch. Roll the candle on the wax paper
to flaten any bumps and to smooth the sides. Hang it again and let it dry over night.