Ink Recipes

By: Kytheriea of House Shadow Drake

General Ink Recipes
Use Gum Arabic to thicken inks as necessary.
Beet juice makes a red ink.
Dragonsblood resin must be dissolved with alcohol to create an ink. Personal experimentation has yielded a poor ink, but it does work.
Grape juice makes a purplish ink.
Pokeberries make a purple ink. (Note: Pokeberries are very poisonous.)
Saffron makes a yellowish-orange ink.

Besa Ink
Blood of a Crow Blood of a White Dove Myrrh
Black Ink Cinnabar Mulberry Tree Sap
Rainwater Wormwood Vetch

Hermaic Ink
Burn ingredients, then mix with spring water and use to write.
4 drams of Myrrh 3 Figs 7 Date Pits
7 Small Dried Pinecones 7 Piths of Wormwood 7 Wings of the Hermaic Ibis
Spring Water

Typhonian Ink
Red Poppy Artichoke Juice Acacia Seed
Red Typhonian Ocher Asbestos Quicklime
Wormwood Gum Arabic Rain Water

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