Divination Tools

Divination is defined as the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means. (Ooh, Ariel knows how to use a dictionary. hehe :) ) It can also be used to find out about the past.

  • The art of using magickal tools and symbols to gather information from the collective unconsciousness the nature of people, places, things and events in the past, present and future.
  • Divination contacts the Psychic mind by tricking or drowsing the conscious mind through ritual and by observing or manipulating tools.
  • Divination isn't necessary for those who can easily attain communication with the psychic mind. though they may practice it.
  • Useful prior to working ritual magick.
  • Incorrectly referred to as Fortune-telling.
There are many different tools used for divining. Some of which are listed below:


Divination or fortune-telling with cards. These can be the Tarot, Rune cards or Cartouche (An Egyptian Symbolism System), playing cards, Karma cards, Medicine cards (used animal symbolism), the new Phoenix Deck for past life readings, Star + Gate (an exceptional psychological tool that is excellent for magickal and non-magickal people), The Celtic Tree Oracle (based on plants and trees), etc. Tarot


Sometimes referred to as scrying where the vehicle used is a crystal ball, a bowl of inked water, or a magick mirror.


Divination by the use of pendulum, forked stick or metal rod. Excellent for yes and no questions. A pendulum can be fashioned from fishing line and a small weight, or it can be a necklace with a crystal ball on the end. Dowsing is rather exciting because you can design your own chars for answers, and it is really a very flexible tool.


Divination by use of marks in the earth. Astrological Geomancy: Divination combining astrology and inner consciousness, wherein a set of random dots are correlated to a type of astrological chart.


The study of an individual's script or handwriting. This is extremely useful in webweaving and also adds to any other reading you may be doing.


Divination vehicle using three coins or chips. Once tossed, a linear pattern is determined by the right or wrong side of each coin. Coins are tossed several times to determine a single pattern.


Divination by the use of numbers and calculations thereof. Anything from your birth date to dream analysis can be used. Tarologists and astrologists often will use numerology to give a more complete reading.


Divination by examination of an individual's hands.


Divination by the use of stones or ceramic squares inscribed with the magickal alphabet of the Gremanic, Scandinavian, or Norse symbols. Runes are excellent for dream analysis, spells, talismans, as well as general divination. here are a few "spell" divinations. Bark Divination Fire Divination Prophecy